Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together Review

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13 Responses

  1. Oxvial says:

    Wow! I must own this.

  2. Lenoxseer says:

    I agree this game is awesome

  3. Lenoxseer says:

    When I first booted it up I was surprised by the presentation. They went all out with making this game look as crisp as they can.

  4. Wrote says:

    Sounds like a fun game, id probably like this. I never played the original but since I love fire emblem I know that the two are similar, so id prob like this. I dont own a psp, but when I do get a psp2 will I be able to play this? I hope it'll be like 10 bucks then.

  5. Orvisman says:

    As a download off of PSN only.

  6. kraygen says:

    I have never played a tactics ogre game, but it looks like I should rectify that mistake.

  7. Lawless SXE says:

    Hmm… intriguing. But why do you say that only those who will have played it back in the days of the Playstation be interested? I'm thinking I'll pick this one up in a couple of months, because it sounds pretty awesome.

  8. ___________ says:

    a $E game getting a good review?
    thats a shock!

  9. SolidFantasy says:

    I hope I can find this in the airport tomorrow. This would make a nice addition to my trip. Thank God for handheld gaming.

  10. PorkChopGamer says:

    I have to get back to my PSP soon.

  11. SolidFantasy says:

    An 8.9 this late in the PSP's life span where almost all JRPGs have been pushed to is pretty damn good.

  12. Frenchy17 says:

    I will definitely have to pick this up, love these type of games!

  13. Scarecrow says:

    This is what it was all about. I will really try to get this.

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