Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Review

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  1. Jawknee says:

    Sweet review. My copy arrived in the mail today. I'm about to take it for a spin in T-Minus..3..2..1…

  2. spiderboi says:

    Same sentiments as I had when I played it. And at times, some command styles seem too powerful coz I just mow down on the hapless enemies. But yeah, some bosses do tend to be cheap, as they constantly pound on you, never giving you a time to heal so dodging and blocking is a must here.

    Just gotta say this: Aqua is really powerful! just try using magnega then raging storm. pure unverse madness! just don't try it at the bosses….

  3. WorldEndsWithMe says:

    Even Leonard Nimoy can't make me like this series. I curse the day they mixed up FF and Disney. It sounds like you had a good time playing it, but I'm still sorry you had to. Ish.

  4. Jawknee says:

    Oh c'mon now. They are pure cheese buy have been fun to play. I liked seeing the Final Fantasy crew rendered in PS2 polygons. In fact, wanting to see all the Final Fantasy characters in their remastered glory was the only think that kept me interested in the series.

  5. WorldEndsWithMe says:

    They are the only reason I tried to play the series, but after a while I was like "Nothing is worth this" and gave up. How'm I sposeda fight somebody with Goofy and company coming along for the ride?

  6. Victor321 says:

    Yay a review for BBS =D! I hope this entices people to get the latest entry, if they haven't already.

  7. Victor321 says:

    Oh, and it's Unversed, not Unserved Ben 😉

  8. ___________ says:

    got to play this today, its completely what i expected but not really quite there yet.
    i wish $E would stop wasting there time with the PSP and do a full fledged ps3 game, the psp cant do this series justice!
    Neir is still and probably always will be my favorite next gen RPG!

  9. Vivi_Gamer says:

    Nice review, i intend to get round to this at some point. I have to admit the reason i am more hesistant to continue is due to the fact that one game is on the DS so i have been able to play it, which means i will not understand parts of the game, just like with Chain of Memories and Kingdom Hearts II. The fact its a prequel i am trying to over look that matter.

  10. Orvisman says:

    Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories was released on the PS2 on 12/2/08.

  11. Vivi_Gamer says:

    Not in the UK it wasn't >:(

  12. WeaponKnight says:

    Good review, except for the combat system description that makes it look like you have a party and can give orders. This is a solo game.

    When you said:
    "When you enter battle, you give orders to your party members via the d-pad, which flows into a series of current and already-executed commands. Once selected, that command will move over and you’ll shift to the next character."

    It should be something like:
    "You have a series of commands, wich can be special attacks, magic and items, that can be equiped in the Command Deck. When you enter battle, you can scroll through your Command Deck with the d-pad and use one with the triangle button, making the list scroll to the next command while you wait for the cooldown time of the one you just used."

    I think this is the best combat system in the entire series. Having extra shoulder buttons to fix the lock on clunkyness and some balancing would make it even better. Here's hoping for KH3 on PS3 with that system =]

  13. bigrailer19 says:

    Sounds to me like you said the same thing, but with way more detail that doesn't need to be there necessarily. Some people like in depth reviews, and need more info to visualize. I am not one of those people weather I issue commands via a "command deck" or just by press of a button, it doesn't matter, theres no reason to point out every step of how to issue a command their…

    I understand where your coming from, being able to visualize or run through what the review is explaining sometimes can be very helpful, then other times its too much.

  14. Ben Dutka PSXE says:

    No, I know. I just always have "party" on the brain when I write an RPG review.

    Fixed now.

  15. bigrailer19 says:

    I havn't had the opportunity to play the kingdom heart games, let alone a PSP, KH. I always wanted to and I really hope one day they either end up on the PSN or HD remakes…

  16. WeaponKnight says:

    Much better now, thanks =]

    I am one of those people that like in-depth reviews, so I kinda got carried away…

  17. Ninja_WafflesXD says:

    I still have yet to buy this game….money is really tight at the moment 🙁 This review just made me want BBS even more *sob*
    Why must my wallet torment me so….

  18. Banky A says:

    You hater

  19. Banky A says:

    I need this game in my life. No matter what reviews say.

    Thanks for your input Ben 😉

  20. Gamer46 says:

    Nice to see a review here for this game. I'd rate it a little higher, 8.5 or maybe even a 9, but I do agree the camera can be a big annoyance at times. Really enjoyed the gameplay overall though as well as the characters and story. Seeing what SE did with the PSP hardware, it really has me looking forward to KH 3 for PS3 but unfortunately that doesn't seem to be happening anytime soon. SE is caught up in too many other projects.

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