Z.H.P. Unlosing Ranger vs. Darkdeath Evilman Review

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11 Responses

  1. LimitedVertigo says:

    Glad to see this get a good review. I don't care for these games on consoles but I enjoy them on my PSP.

  2. spiderboi says:

    Ben, any chance you'll be reviewing Ys Seven? Its a great game, and more people should hear about it. I'm enjoying it more than KH:Birth by Sleep 🙂

    Hearing this review, I won't be giving this a go for some time. While I do tend to get carried away on grinding, I do like being able to chip away strong enemies using skill, and by the sound of things, level may be a prerequisite (do correct me if I'm wrong Ben).

  3. Ben Dutka PSXE says:

    Sorry, I don't think I'll get to that one. I still need to do Kingdom Hearts and more games are staring me in the face. If it was any other time of year, I'd say I could probably do it but…

  4. laxpro2001 says:

    Same here, I think for me its because this is one of those games I'd pick up and play hence psp for faster and more mobile access whereas I'd rather play something a lot more in depth on the ps3

    Anyway I can't remember the last SRPG I played… probably Azure Dreams about 2-3 years ago. Definitely picking this up!

  5. WorldEndsWithMe says:

    *sigh* how long till The 3rd Birthday?

  6. WolfCrimson says:

    What does ZHP stand for? Anyone know?

  7. WolfCrimson says:

    Wow I feel stupid. I didn't watch the trailer when I posted this earlier, but after watching the vid, apparently ZHP stands for "Zeta Hero Project"

  8. Prevent says:

    That debut trailer was hilarious, when they were talking about all the equipment at the end you barely hear it but when you pause it, it actually says "and sexy-jiggly boobs"


  9. hellish_devil says:

    I love NIS

  10. TheHighlander says:

    This looks like a lot of fun. I'll have to put this on my list.

  11. Alexeon says:

    I wasnt even aware NIS was releasing a new SRPG aside from Disgaea 4. I will definitely get it. I have a ton of hours on Disgaea 3 and have really enjoyed the other 2 on the PSP (I only beat the story on the PSP ones but Im working on really maxing out stuff on Disgaea 3. Until D4 comes out anyway…)

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