Dissidia 012: Duodecim Final Fantasy Preview

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16 Responses

  1. WorldEndsWithMe says:

    Who is Tina?

    Anyway, I still haven't beaten the first (It can get pretty difficult) but Dewey Decimal is on my list for whenever.

  2. TheCrazyMerc says:

    Really wanting this game, especially since i got a new psp. Can't wait i really liked the first one.

  3. Alienange says:

    Role playing mode for noobs.


  4. Douchebaguette says:


  5. WorldEndsWithMe says:

    Thank you, I like her.

  6. Underdog15 says:

    First one had it too

  7. Lawless SXE says:

    It sounds like a real improvement over the original. As long as they replace that ridiculously overpowered and cheap final boss (And I mean the final boss, where he's up to level 110 or whatever it is) I'll be happy. Oh, and I hope those CG cutscenes return, because they were gorgeous. I'll keep an eye out for this one.

  8. SolidFantasy says:

    Sometimes I kinda hate epic trailers like that one. With this years line up I don't want to have to make the purchase for this, but it looked so bad ass and I throughly enjoyed the 1st one!

  9. Culoslap says:

    I think it's pretty cool to see the infusion of Latin into this newer round of Final Fantasy games.

  10. spiderboi says:

    Just one thing: STORY! The first one was lame story-wise. Game-play, it was quite addicting to say the least.

  11. WorldEndsWithMe says:

    Well it IS a fighting game.

  12. spiderboi says:

    World, granted its main focus is the action. But its the story that weaves it together. Makes me go back to games like Ys Seven, the blend was very nice. The first Dissidia made me want to skip all cutscenes…

  13. darxed says:

    Anybody else saw Yuna walking near the end of the trailer? She should be an interesting fighter…

  14. AnonWTF says:

    Why do people insist on having a storyline in fighting games? Just why?!!!

  15. totozero18 says:

    Plain awesomeness, any updates on the FNC conference?

  16. MrAnonymity says:

    Very much excited for this one. Still haven't wholly completed the first, but I've beaten the all of the stories… I'll at least be up to speed. Sadly… no Cid Highwind… maybe someday…

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