Patapon 3 Preview

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11 Responses

  1. CharlesD says:

    Looks interesting, but the next PSP game I will be purchasing is peace walker. Once I'm done with FFtactics on the PSP that is

  2. MartyRules says:

    I'd buy this and the 2nd because I liked the 1st one, but my psp got stolen, so I'm waiting for Psp2

  3. sawao_yamanaka says:

    I hope that you can finally pause it though. That was annoying. As much as I liked both those games you couldn't pause them. 🙁

  4. TEG3SH says:

    u couldn't pause them because of the rhythm style gameplay so I dont think the will add this to the third one. sorry

  5. Underdog15 says:

    You can pause Rock Band and Guitar Hero… those are pretty rhythmical.

  6. Mr Bitey says:

    You could just put the PSP into hibernation mode, by flicking the power up.

    It's not an official pause button, but it works the same.

  7. JMO_INDY says:

    I LOVED Both iterations, definitely one of my favorite PSP series besides Resistance, Loco Roco, and of course MGS. I hate it when people say the PSP has no games 🙁

  8. DjEezzy says:

    Patapon is awesome. Plain and simple. This one sounds like even more fun. Love the psp. Split/Second will be awesome as well. MGS is really a fantastic game. Can't wait until Ghosts of Sparta. Should be good times.

  9. coyo18 says:

    I played the first 2 games, and they were both horribly addicting, in a good way. And I've been neglecting my PSP for a while, so I guess it's time to dust it off and get the 20 bucks ready to get this game.

  10. Banky A says:

    The trailer was sick.

  11. Chard says:

    I played the 1st and 2nd with my cousin and we were Addicted to it so we are waiting for Patapon 3 at first my cousin said there will no patapon 3 and now the truth is said cant wait for this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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