Ys Seven Preview

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6 Responses

  1. Snaaaake says:

    Hmm, never knew this game existed, ah well, better look it up.

  2. kraygen says:

    I had only recently heard of this series and was going to look into it, however I didn't realize it was action based. I prefer turn based but if done right action is ok.

    Anyone on here a fan of this series that could suggest whether to jump into this series and if yes, where to start.

  3. Rings0fUranus says:

    Ys Book I and II are a great place to start. Just not the DS versions.

  4. TheHighlander says:

    Works for me. Sounds like the way Star Ocean works, which is as much real time as I want.

    I will be watching…

  5. coverton341 says:

    I still remember playing the very first Y's on the Sega Master System. That was such a bada$$ game.

  6. Rings0fUranus says:

    Ys is a woefully under appreciated series. Good ol' Adol never got his due. Makes me want to bust out the old TurboDuo. 🙂

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