Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable Preview

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10 Responses

  1. BTNwarrior says:

    I have already beaten this game 3 times on the ps2, but for some reason I find myself compelled to buy it for psp.

  2. laxpro2001 says:

    Always have been intrigued by this series… might get into it this summer if I have time!

  3. WorldEndsWithMe says:

    Okay, now collect that money and make Persona 5 for PS3 kay?

  4. Alienange says:

    They should bundle this game with an extra long life battery for the PSP. Loved this game on PS2 and will get this when it comes out. I just need the extra juice to keep going into the wee hours.

  5. Oyashiro says:

    This is so a purchase from me.

  6. CharlesD says:

    Possibly throw this in with the PSP on the planes?

  7. WorldEndsWithMe says:

    Would be nice on one of those 13 hour flights.

  8. BTNwarrior says:

    that would be one hell of a tease

  9. ___________ says:

    hmmm looks interesting.
    wonder if atlus are going to release this one here, im still waiting on 3D dot game heros.
    i swear to god im going on a murderous rampage if they dont release that here!
    im sick of having to wait months if not a year to get games other regions already have.
    honestly how hard is it to ship 1 game from the US to AU??????????

  10. darxed says:

    I think It was confirmed that you will be able to control every member in your party, It's just that you have to unlock it at some point during the game, like what they did in Persona 4. Anyways, day one for me! the Persona games became my favorite RPGs the day I played P3… Can't wait!

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