PSP Drops To $99 On Amazon

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15 Responses

  1. WorldEndsWithMe says:

    Is good system, you buy for Crisis Core then you happy.

  2. daus26 says:

    Me buy MGS: Portable Ops and Peacwalker and me get very happy with this good system, yes.

  3. Vivi_Gamer says:

    Crisis Core is the core title of the console without a doubt. I tried Peace Walker on the PSP and couldn't no get into it. Luckily the PS3 got it with the HD collection 🙂

    I am personally still content with my PSP, last April we got the S-E package of Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection, Dissidia … 2 & The 3rd Birthday, I got all 3 special editions for a very reasonable price. I still play Dissidia…2 very often! It is the perfect portable console game. Until the Vita's titles grow I wont be getting one… not till around 2014 at this rate.

  4. WorldEndsWithMe says:

    Ultima do you play Dissidia 12 in action or RPG mode?

  5. Zen_Zarab says:

    I'll happily wait for a good Vita Deal. I really want to play PSASBR Portable, Gravity Rush and That Uncharted Card Game that comes out as an add-on to Golden Abyss. 🙂

  6. CrusaderForever says:

    Didn't take advantage of the Black Friday deals? Those are all great games you list. I find PSASBR more enjoyable on the Vita.

  7. firesoul453 says:

    I did like my psp, but I only played a couple of games on it. Crisis Core, some minis, and Peacwalker and thats about it.

  8. Mr_Sterg says:

    Rather get a smart phone.

  9. Ydobon says:

    If you were talking about the psp go then I would agree with you.

  10. Temjin001 says:

    My Sterg got a down thumb from me.

  11. Temjin001 says:

    I love my PSP. Mostly because it's a PSX portable but there's nothing wrong with that.
    After Xenogears I'll move onto Suikoden II (read that Konami?), Chrono Cross, and probably an older Final Fantasy. I really want to play FFIV.

    As for the $99 thing. Good deal. But I'll just hold out for the eventual Vita purchase and make good from there.. hmmmm I have a birthday in Feb. Maybe SOny will drop it's price and maybe my wife will think it's a good time to get a Vita 😉

    If that plan fails I can settle for GoW Ascension pre-order, or something.

  12. firesoul453 says:

    A smart phone doesn't have the games (and not may of the same quality) as a psp.

  13. JoeMachin says:

    Got the psp go, not really bothered about the vita despite the price

  14. BikerSaint says:

    This is a good deal just because the PSP already has thousands of priced games for it, plus numerous movies & music videos that can be found, and at super low prices.

  15. riptide8 says:

    Bought the Amazon deal, now I have two.2000 and a 3000..Monster hunter co op with my 7 year old.I still have a huge library to finish.Still a lot of bang for the buck.

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