PSP Remains “Significant” By Outselling PlayStation Vita

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  1. TheHighlander says:

    LOL, I'm sure that many in he media will decry the Vita over this, but perhaps they should remember that the PSP is available for less than half the price of a Vita? Oh, and didn't PS2 outsell PS3 for a year or so after PS3 launched?

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  2. Underdog15 says:

    yeah, it did.

  3. Ben Dutka PSXE says:

    Yeah, I didn't fall into that headline trap. 😉

  4. duomaxwell007 says:

    well in all fairness the psp is like 100 bucks the vita is like 300… heck id get a psp over a vita too… now if you say ps3 is like (was) 300 and ps2 is like 100 so why isnt that outselling the ps3 currently? well in my case i find it 100% normal to pay 300 bucks for a gaming console thats gonna be hooked up to a 50+ in tv, with surround sound and graphics that look like uncharted 3/last of us, heavy rain or final fantasy 13.

    but paying that same price for something that can fit in my pocket, be easily concealed/stolen, might break if you drop it, and has a 4 inch screen? that just (to me) sounds inconceivable).. Ill wait til its 150 or less. just as id never pay that much for a cell phone.. the purpose of a phone is to TALK, I have a computer and laptop at home for all that "extra" stuff. So i see no point in paying 300+ bucks when i can get a 25 dollar phone that will serve its main purpose just fine (i.e talking to people)

  5. TheHighlander says:

    5 inch screen, no moving parts and survives drops better than you think, but I still wouldn't recommend dropping it. 🙂

    Oh, and if you bought my Droid 4 without a 2 year $50 a month contract, you'd pay over $600 for it. Vita isn't exactly expensive for what you get.

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  6. Underdog15 says:

    Most cell phones cost more than the Vita. Look at tablets, for example!!

    The secret is in how the cost is worked into your contract.

  7. SmokeyPSD says:

    It would actually be great to still get some games released on it. Hasn't been too long ago since I picked up a new psp game I remember. Atlus has been unwavering on the system. I do have a Vita but the psp is still wonderful for smaller scale storytelling, no reason for it to stop.

  8. TheHighlander says:

    95% of downloadable PSP titles will work on Vita. I started buying downloadable games before the PSP Go arrived, and every one of them works on my Vita.

    Right now I have;
    Crimson Gem
    Mana Khemia Student Alliance
    Hexys Force
    Valkyria Chronicles 2
    and Fate Zero

    I also have Fate codes unlimited, GT-PSP, Burnout Legends, Hot Shots Gold open tee (though the Vita game is wonderful and better), LBP, Mercury, Burnout Legends, Wipeout Pulse and I think another JRPG, but can't remember off the top of my head. All on the 32GB flash, and when 1.80 firmware arrives I have FFVII, FFVIII and FFIX as well as a bunch more PS1 games to put on the thing.

    I'm loving me some Vita, oh, and Wipeout for the Vita is great, especially being able to download all the courses and events from the PS3 version to it, and Uncharted Golden Abyss rocked.

    PS Vita FTW!

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  9. SmokeyPSD says:

    I know that, the point is, still releasing psp games. That doesn't mean developers need to jump upto the level of Uncharted Golden Abyss with trophies, etc.

  10. TheHighlander says:

    Agreed. Actually I don't want all devs/publishers to try to emulate Golden Abyss level of quality. When they do their costs spiral upwards. I'd rather that they focus on getting the gameplay right and getting their graphics somewhere between PSP graphics and Golden Abyss.

  11. Underdog15 says:

    True. I just bought 2 more games for my PSP yesterday. Not finished with it yet. And games like Crisis Core still look amazing!

    I am pretty sure I'm getting a Vita this year, though. Probably the AC3 bundle. Afterall… I'll be able to afford it! New job starts next week and 10k/yr more than I'm making now! Gonna be a good gaming year. 😀

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  12. bebestorm says:

    My psp is still going strong!

  13. Temjin001 says:

    I'm glad the PSP is still going strong. I wouldn't want the PSN store to go devoid of cool PSP games. There's a number of them I'd still like to play.

  14. Furrymann says:

    It's totally the allure of free games, now that psp firmware has stopped coming out and the latest 6.60 has been completley blown open for homebrew and emulators I can guarantee that ppl are just buying for all the free games they can download and put on it now.

  15. Drake_RB3 says:

    Just broke it out a couple days ago to play Legend of Heroes: Trails in the sky that's been sitting unopened for 8 months. Then again its been awhile since I've used the psp, also.

  16. BikerSaint says:

    SE is bringing FFIII to the PSP this October.

  17. ___________ says:

    yup, just goes to show how pathetic the sales for the vita have been!
    especially considering the PSP has not had any first party exclusives since, when, GoS?
    which is now available on the ps3!

  18. BikerSaint says:

    I still use my PSP to play AC:Bloodlines & a few others when I go out to do my laundry.

  19. Beamboom says:

    You go OUT to do your laundry? Yay that's… American. 🙂 I thought they only did that in sitcoms! Hehe!

  20. Beamboom says:

    It boggles my mind how I could find it that hard to get a friggin' battery for my PSP a year or so ago, seeing how it *still* sells.

    Wish they just made an upgraded PSP instead, complete with UMD drive and all.

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  21. BikerSaint says:

    Hey Beamboom,

    Search ebay,

    I picked up a bunch of PSP replacement batteries there last year.

    And they last longer too, as I'm now getting about 7 & 1/2 hours UMD game time with mine.

    They were only about $2 plus shipping.
    (but it does take about 3 to 4 weeks to receive due to the slow China Post & customs).

  22. Beamboom says:

    Really? Wow, that's almost unbelievable. Thanks for the advice, Biker!

  23. TheHighlander says:

    I'm getting a good 6 hours on my vita. The screen brightness is awesome, but you don't need full brightness, which saves a tone of battery. Same with the sound and networking.

  24. Addisonswim says:

    Why don't they just make a UMD attachment that uses VIA game slot? The vita can play PSP with no problem/

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