UFC Review

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2 Responses

  1. JLB1 says:

    This was my main reason for the ps4 purchase, as I'm a huge MMA fan, and a trainee. Despite its flaws, it's definitely one of the best MMA games of all time. Compared to EA Sports MMA and UFC Undisputed 09, it suffers from the first in the series dilemma. The heart is there, but it fails to hit all the notes. Which is fine because, again, it's EA's first stab at a next gen MMA game. I still much prefer the Undisputed series, it just felt right, although the shine was the worst gameplay mechanic, the third corrected that and had a ton of other modes to boot. Anyway, I'll be playing EA UFC probably until EA UFC 2 comes out. I love the game.

  2. Nerull says:

    This review pretty much confirmed my decision to pass on this one.
    I tried the demo, won 1 match of 3, then realized I was playing on easy and stopped. If I have little chance of winning playing on a game's normal difficulty there's usually something off.
    I've been playing wwe games since the ps1 and I'm decent at fight night, but even though I've tried every UFC game to a small degree, I always come away disappointed with what a bugger they are to control.

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