Rocket League Review

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  1. BigT_1980 says:

    Ben I'm glad you got an opportunity to finally review this game. I've been really enjoying this game since the first day it came out. I tried to convince my friends this is a really great game, but they can't get past this not being an AAA production. I hope you're able to inspire more people to play this game!

  2. tlpn99 says:

    My clan has already had a season on this game. We ran our own league 3 a side. The team I was on won too. Really is a great game. Most of us got it when it came out on ps+. My mate even bought the Back To The Future De Lorean too.

    Were having a second season soon. Try this game.

    Good review Ben.

  3. Temjin001 says:

    I tried it out. It's fun but I just can't get into the feeling that I'm playing soccer with rocket powered cars.
    I'd rather Twisted Metal had this game's popularity because I enjoyed it a lot more.

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  4. Temjin001 says:

    I also think the learning curve is higher than its rep suggests because of having to learn to manage the two cams. I had more struggles learning to work with it here than I ever did in something like Bloodborne.

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  5. Temjin001 says:

    "The problem with performing these stunts, however, is that the game’s camera can’t keep up. It can be set to follow either the player or the ball, but neither option is as effective as I’d like. When it follows the player, the camera hugs the rear bumper pretty tightly, so it’s easy to lose track of the action when I’m taken out of the play or I shoot past the ball.

    If the camera follows the ball, the controls change, making it far more difficult to control the car. You can switch between the two on the fly, but the herky-jerky transition isn’t pleasant. Instead, you’ll probably have a better time taking your chances with the default camera. A wider camera option, or even one locked at midfield, would have been a nice solution." -EGM

    couldn't have said it better myself.

  6. Banky A says:

    Sorry. After 5 hours it all clicks.

    Game's design means you only need to manage one camera – the Ball Cam. Toggling it off means you're getting Boost, scouting for ~2 seconds or dribbling (VERY SPECIFIC).

    The only hard part after the initial ~5hr click, is being able to control the car in these following conditions – Simultaneously:

    1) In the air
    2) Taking a shot
    3) Holding [Square] to barrel roll your body for angle of impact/shot with horizontal directions on Left Stick
    4) Angling the LS vertically it pitch the height and hit ball up/down
    5) Managing Boost consumption to suit the shot's situation

    No. 3-onwards are completely optional but make for funny times while learning.

    Couple this with having the ball behind you on Ball Cam and you can have a good time by transitioning back and forth between direction inversion, multiple times all in one maneuver.

    It can become a +95hr constant fun learning curve during this time.

    Super Excellent stuff.

  7. Hexen says:

    Tried it and the boredom was too much to handle.Could be because all sports are boring to me and this is basically soccer.

  8. Banky A says:

    About time you reviewed this Godly masterpiece.

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