Fairy Fencer F Review

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  1. Vivi_Gamer says:

    I wish Compile Heart would stop making console games, with the rise of iOS games it seems the perfect way to present incompetence to the masses and make a fortune.

    I say incompetence lightly, because I did look up some gameplay footage and like usual what is infuriating about these games is that they feature the Visual Novel plague, even though the game has all the components to make a decent production value. There are maps to explore with enemies running around (Even if it does look worse than many PS2 games) and it has a battle system build in a 3D arena (Even though looking at some of the battle footage the menus are overbearing and most o the time the characters wouldn't even have an attack animation.)

    So I look at the game I can see that there is a chance for a decent game but design decisions set it back. The visual Novel design just looks cheap. Not only that the game suffers from a very generic googly eyed anime presentation (which looks dire and unremarkable) but what really bothers me is using this as a method of story telling. It simply doesn't work. Just having static character portraits stuffed on the screen talking none stop looks so bland – Can you imagine if you went to the cinema and saw a film do that? Heck, are there any animes out there that actually do this, I'm genuinely curious because I just cannot see it work. It lacks atmosphere, I think of all the great sequences I have loved in JRPG's I have adored and juts cannot imagine them thriving in a Visual Novel design.

    Even out of the dialogue sequences (Which seems to be the majority of this game) Visiting towns and point and clicking to navigate environments is so outdated, makes my think of that old game 'Myst'. I see it that Compile Heart are clinging onto the Visual Novel design choice to release mediocre games and reel in anime fans. I mean I complained about Xillia the other day, but Compile Heart are on a whole new level. I which the JRPG genre wouldn't be associated with games like this as when done right the genre is the best medium to experience a story delivering a quest/adventure, it's been a tough generation for JRPG's and I don't want the genre to be known for titles like this and put of as a niche market. I see these games as a threat because the more games like this we get and the less JRPG's with proper production value we get the more the genre will fade.

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  2. Beamboom says:

    You should apply for reviewing games on this site, Vivi. Seriously. I think your text here was well written and really interesting to read. Well argued, to the point and focused on your main arguments, and a bit different in style than Ben and David.

    Plus I feel you are more where I am coming from gaming-wise, and that's a nice bonus. Seriously, contact Ben. 🙂

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  3. Vivi_Gamer says:

    That's very kind of you Beamboom. Mind you, I don't believe I have the literacy skills to take on such a task (I admit fully that my grammar is appalling). But when it comes to JRPG's I do have so much passion. I have a system called the 'JRPG Hurdles' a set of barriers for a JRPG game to better. If it fails then I will be put off the game, but if it succeeds it gets nothing but affection. Here is a list of them:
    1. Art Direction – I don't like the googly eyed look in this game but not all anime based games look bad. Dragon Age and Ni No Kuni look amazing.
    2. The Visual Novel Design – I have said enough on that today but I find it breaks the immersion and looks cheap.
    3. Battle system – This a feature I can be very fussy on, I generally cant get a long with tactical RPGs. Turn based and action based combat systems work well with me. Xenoblade: Chronicles recently just excelling in a mixture of both even.

    But all them features are just what I look for from the beginning. I have seen JRPGs which jump all them hurdles and then fail later into the game – Like Star Ocean 3 on PS2, introducing a system later into the game where enemies start attacking your MP which equals your demise, it ruined the game entirely.

    But what I really look for in a JRPG is an engaging story, with loveable characters you care for as you guide them on their adventure and travels around the world. I have seen adventures shown in film and read in books but I truly believe the JRPG genre when used to it's peak ability is the best medium to follow such an adventure on.

  4. Beamboom says:

    You make a poor case against yourself as a reviewer, you seem to both be more than literate enough and with a healthy perspective on the genre from being a jrpg-fan. I repeat myself: You really, really should try to join the staff here, on voluntarily basis. I'd say your voice would be a nice addition to the site.

  5. SayWord says:

    I know for a fact I wouldn't read Vivi's reviews. The personal bias and expectations he/she has is ridiculous.

    I even want to say **** you as Vivi literally gave the finger to the whole fanbase and developers. Who even says games are plaguing a system? What does Vivi want some sort of dictatorship for game releases? Every gaming device should be open to all sort of games.

    Every negative Vivi spat forward is the reason why people enjoy their games. I love graphic novels, I like games that do not take themselves seriously. A reviewer should try and understand why others might enjoy a game, Vivi cant even understand why these games have a fanbase. It's all about me me me me when it comes to what he/she likes or wants in a game.

    Compile Heart makes games THEY want to make not what specific individuals want. Look what happens when developers try to make games for masses instead of individual niches. Look at Square, Capcom, Konami etc.

    Close minded people like Vivi are reasons why I dont even visit this site much anymore

  6. Vivi_Gamer says:

    Yes, I am critical and bias, I am not ashamed to admit that when it comes to seeing games like this. However, I don't think my expectations on the games production value are unjust. I mean is it that much to ask for a JRPG to have an open world to explore? With sequences that present the story in good fashion and with the wonders of animation that the console/gaming engines are capable of? Look at all the slack Final Fantasy XIII got for being 'linear'. I actually enjoyed Final Fantasy XIII but I am willing to admit it's faults. Just as I am with any other JRPG I come across. Whenever I look at a game like this with the Visual Novel design, I cannot help but see a game that has just been completely compromised through development. Much like how other JRPG's have you create a character but in doing so leave the character mute while all the other characters talk around him – Which is the reason I will not be buying the sequel to my favourite game of this generation Xenoblade: Chronicles, because of poor decisions in development.

    But it is not just 'JRPGs' with the Visual Novel 'design' I am critical of, it's the same with the invasion we have seen in the last few year of the indie market. The reason I still have not bought a Playstation 4 is because it has been catering to the indie market more than offering games with full production value. It's been an unbearably slow year in 2014 to the point where I am lacking faith in the gaming industry in general. I have tired some of the most established indie games too, Limbo and Journey both were completely unfulfilling experiences. My problem isn't necessarily the content itself (Even though admittedly, I do find it tasteless.) My problem is that I don't want to see the industry I admire crash. I don't want to see JRPG's compromised by cheap design choices just as I don't to see triple A titles become extinct.

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  7. Beamboom says:

    SayWord, you really seriously visit this site less because of a few users you don't agree with?

    Vivi, I'd suggest you try writing a few reviews and submit them as user reviews on this site, and let's see how that goes.

  8. Ben Dutka PSXE says:

    "Close minded people like Vivi are reasons why I dont even visit this site much anymore"

    Sounds to me like your post is the very definition of "close-minded."

  9. Beamboom says:


  10. WorldEndsWithMe says:

    I like visual novel sequences, Persona wouldn't be the same without them 🙂

  11. Vivi_Gamer says:

    Persona is one series which I think does it right, the game throws so much style at you I think it gets away with it easier. My bigger problem with Persona is the silent protagonist. It's funny how in the Persona 4 anime adaptation they decided to give him a personality, which apparently worked well. I am hoping they have taken note on this for Persona 5. I'd be thrilled if the main character had a personality and wasn't just a mute as the characters in Persona 3 were really engaging – Though admittedly I do need to go back to that at some point as I have yet to beat it.

  12. SaiyanSenpai says:

    Guys seriously! Can't there be room for both types of JRPGs in this world? I like both a lot!

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  13. Beamboom says:

    Indeed there can, just like there are room for various opinions. 🙂

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