Battle Princess Of Arcadia Review

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8 Responses

  1. Beamboom says:

    A metascore of 71… Hmmm… 😉

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  2. WorldEndsWithMe says:

    I'm going outside the mainstream on my own recognizance. This is a very good game both in quality and practice, I think it suffered from western critical misunderstanding or unfairness elsewhere.

  3. Beamboom says:

    Ah, the western conspiracy strikes again. :p

    I do not mean to be offensive but this reminds me of Highlanders review of White Knight Chronicles, giving it a 9.2 (if I remember correctly).
    And say what you like, but WKC was *not* 90+ material.

    (I hope you notice my smileys. I'm pulling your leg here)

  4. WorldEndsWithMe says:

    You can pull my leg that's fine but I'm pretty serious about this, it's not a conspiracy situation, merely the impossibility of our culture to grasp what is good/working when it comes to content. They approach things differently and this is a nearly expert approach using the traditional building blocks that are not used over here.

  5. Banky A says:

    What a nice surprise. How much would you recommend it to me if I'm a Jap game lover but not into full cutesiness?

  6. Banky A says:

    Ah nvm I forgot it's only in US PSN store anyway. Already got Guilty Gear from it the other day, not keen on 30USD so soon.

    A game for the lovers, no doubt.

  7. WorldEndsWithMe says:


  8. Beamboom says:

    I wish I had the game myself, I'd love to participate in a serious discussion about this cause it's an interesting topic.

    What I am thinking – from the outside where I am sitting looking into this weird'n'wonderful world of defenders of Japanese games – is that there are "very Japanese" games that indeed *do* receive high scores – thus making your reasoning flawed.

    Everything from that No Ni Kuni game to Katamari (my favourite of anything Japanese I've ever encountered) to Cathrine (wasn't it?) to other smaller titles that actually received very decent scores despite them being very Japanese.

    So from my perspective this cultural difference look more like a convenient excuse than a source of a major impact on the scores. That, to me, looks like a myth.

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