Meet The Voice Actor For Kratos

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  1. Robochic says:

    WOW I knew I had heard that voice before but never guessed it was TC Carson. very cool.

  2. mexgeo86 says:


    I wonder though who did Icarus's voice in GoW II cause the scene where Kratos obtains the wings is really funny. Especially the way Icarus begs to barter 😛

    p.s. I hope GoW III brings back the sailor character that's been in the first 2 games as more or less comic relief. lol

  3. NightHawk17 says:

    you again!?

  4. Vivi_Gamer says:

    no offence, but why would anyone want to go out of there way to meet a voice actor…

  5. aaronisbla says:

    because he is an accomplished actor, not just a voice actor, the guy is pretty damn talented

  6. LegendaryWolfeh says:

    becuz it's an extremely important part, to all games. otherwise you'd listen to the sound of text scrolling 😉

  7. DKBaNaaH says:

    can you imagine him as your parent shouting down at you if you did something wrong lool. not a position i'd like to be in i'll tell you that. man wouldn't it be cool to have a voice like that…..

  8. WorldEndsWithMe says:

    Clean your room or there will…be…chaos.

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  9. eLLeJuss says:


  10. Gow49ers says:

    The guy is a great voice for the Gow series! Another great actor and voice in gaming is Kiefer Sutherland, Intense actor and voice!


  11. Superman915 says:

    They should get a character called Maxine in the next GOW just for the hell of it.

  12. Superman915 says:

    U know what this series needs? A Kratos talking action figure. U pull a string and it just starts screaming at you. Make it happen, Sony.

  13. RustEDalex says:

    you can see him and some other voice actors in the GOWII bonus disk

  14. karneli lll says:

    I would've never guessed.The dude's a great actor…never knew he had such a voice, he always plays calm, collected roles.

    He was also in final destination 2…i think

  15. WorldEndsWithMe says:

    Thought he was a great addition to The Matrix world.

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  16. karneli lll says:

    The matrix?

  17. WorldEndsWithMe says:

    Yeah he did a voice in The Animatrix

  18. eLLeJuss says:

    Kratos looks like goldberg in the picture on the link xD

  19. Wage SLAVES says:

    WoW! I guess African American comedians have more range in their voice acting!

    My favorite voices in video games is Kratos and Vamp (Phil LaMarr-Madtv)!

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  20. WorldEndsWithMe says:

    Phil LaMarr does stuff on Family Guy too.

  21. Akuma_ says:

    In onimusha 3.

    the voiceover for russian guy you play as during the game, is a hollywood actor, they even made the ingame character in his likeness.

    the 'french secret service' guy from the last godzilla.

  22. King James says:

    TC Carson is a very talented actor. I didn't know he did Kratos till GoW2. But the great thing about him is that he really dedicated himself to Kratos, like all the other roles he took on.

  23. Sol says:

    Who'd have thought it? Interesting…

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