Want A NES Plated In 24K Gold? Better Pony Up The Cash

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6 Responses

  1. HANZ64 says:

    When you have more money than you know what do with…

    (Or perhaps this should be seen as an investment in Gold? Those plastic ports though…)

  2. Ydobon says:

    At times like this I wish I was rich.

  3. TrueAssassin86x says:

    Real gold or gold plated just like thoses so called Gold Ps4s

  4. TheHighlander says:

    Gold plated is still real gold. You can have 'gold' colored cases that are no more than shiny yellow metal. But Gold plating is still real Gold. You could never make an actual cast from pure Gold, it's too good a conductor to be safe, and too heavy, plus Gold is quite pliable so the case would not be very strong.

    I do have to wonder how much it would cost to get replacement outer shells for a PS4 and have them gold plated.

    It might be easier to clean the surface, apply Gold leaf and then give the entire thing a decent acrylic hard-coat.

  5. Ben Dutka PSXE says:

    Gold-plated, of course. If it was solid gold, it would be a LOT more than $5k.

  6. Jbumi says:

    Are there really enough people out there that can afford this to make it worthwhile to manufacture? Wish I could meet one & ask for a date!!!!

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