Capcom’s T-Virus Perfume Invites You To Smell Like A Zombie

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10 Responses

  1. Draguss says:

    We have different definitions of cheap I think. And aren't zombies supposed to smell like rotting corpses? That's an…interesting sales pitch.

  2. BikerSaint says:

    Thanks for the shout-out, Ben!

  3. BikerSaint says:

    It's more of a gaming collectable, rather than scent maker.

    And that's probably why there's only a limited edition for these 2 RE items, & their value will keep rising.

  4. Jawknee says:

    Lol, next will be Ryu perfume. Makes you smell like a sweaty hobo.

  5. FAREEZ says:

    Smell like Crapcom…

  6. Banky A says:

    I can't think of joke about it, but I'll leave this comment noting my ineptness.

  7. FAREEZ says:

    But i want to smell like Jill sandwich…

  8. Vitron says:

    But why?

  9. Snaaaake says:

    There's certainly no better question than that.

  10. Snaaaake says:

    Are you telling me that I can go around smelling like Rafflesia with that perfume?

    Seriously this thing is only good for pranks.

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