Sega Wants You To Help Them Revitalize The Iconic Brand

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  1. trumpetmon65 says:

    well, if its going to be a 3d platformer then it's going to need a stable camera and stable palyability. I have yet to see that. They've had since the dreamcast to get it right and they just can't seem to. I understand that it must be very difficult. Sonic is supposed to be fast, and the average human is not. So I guess Sega needs to find a way to present the sense of going very fast while keeping then game from feeling like a one trick pony. I don't know, just give it to platinum games. They'll figure something out.

  2. Bio says:

    Sega should realize that Sonic had his 15 minutes of fame with the first two games, and that they've run him into the ground so hard since then that he's pretty much a lost cause. You can bank on a game featuring Mario to be good because Nintendo took care of their IP. At this point you can bank on a game featuring Sonic to be absolutely terrible.

    They're not going to regain relevance by clinging on to a delusional view of the past.

  3. BikerSaint says:

    In this day & age of so much more advanced tech since Sega fired the Dreamcast off into the sunset & hung us Sega gamers out to dry, I'd like to see what they could do with a much more advanced Seaman 2(and make it disc-based for those of us that want that choice).

  4. WorldEndsWithMe says:

    Ironically I think the DC could handle a lot of today's non AAA games and indie games much better. At least better than PS3 did with its bottleneck. DC had frame rates down pat, making most multiplats score better than on PS2. The answer to greatness is always in the past being remade for the future.

  5. bigrailer19 says:

    They would have to go back to what made the first two great and find a way to turn that into a 3d platformer. They've abandoned that strategy to date.

  6. BikerSaint says:

    There's already a ongoing petition from DC fans, asking Sega to make a DC2.
    That rabid fanbase(in a good way) has also worked hard at developing inside & outside plans for a new DC2, and which they're going to give Sega , hopefully for it's approval.

    And if Sega still doesn't want to create another console, then they intend on asking Sega to allow them the licensing rights to go ahead & make the DC2 themselves(probably under a kickstarter deal).

    BTW, if anyone's interested in either joining up with them on the DC2 petition, or just wants more 411 on it, I think you can probably google or UTube it.

  7. WorldEndsWithMe says:

    Create Dreamcast 2 and make it B/C for all games and peripherals and a large HDD for the ability to download every Sega game ever made plus the ability to play current mulitplats and dual layer blu ray discs for new exclusives.

    Then, a Shenmue III edition.

  8. Ather says:

    They need to go back to their roots. Redo What they did with the Genesis. Want to do a new Sonic game? Recaptrue what made his games great back in 16 Bit Land. Enough with these new fangled adaptations. Ditto for all their other property.

  9. WorldEndsWithMe says:

    Make Sega great again!

  10. ethird1 says:

    Sega sucks. PLease sell your games to other companies and disappear. Thanks in advance.

  11. ryu says:

    love that question "describe how much you like SEGA"
    hated very much ☑

  12. Underdog15 says:

    There were a lot of mobile game questions… I told them my favorite game by them in recent years was Valkyria Chronicles, but that having the sequels on portable was garbage. (Even though I liked VC2 on my PSP)

  13. Ydobon says:

    Request 1: Vanquish 2

    Request 2: Sakura Wars 6

    Request 3: More games on PC, especially GOG

    Request 4: A complete Sonic collection on all platforms

    I can forgive request 4 from not happening, but those first 3 are important sega. I will preorder both games even if it didn't come with bonuses, a collector's edition, or if it was digital only with irritating drm from origin, and double normal MRSP.

  14. ricksterj says:

    This dog is twitching/kicking/convulsing etc. Shoot it now and put it out of its misery.

  15. monkeypunch says:

    Sega has always had great lines for their consoles. A DC2 with the following games would sell me:

    – altered beast
    – rez
    – nights
    – panzer dragoon
    – sonic 3d vr but tweaked to create an experience
    – wipeout vr but tweaked to create an experience
    – make all the original 8 bit, 16 bit, sega cd, 32x, saturn and dreamcast games available as downloadables

    finally, add VR support. it would be over.

    by non stop experience i mean that the character doesn't abruptly stop. the whole experience is like a dj mix set. there are certain things that ruin and pull you out of an experience. frame rates dropping, audio cutting out, a notification message popping up over the screen (your friends are online), going from high speed to dead stop (wipeout and sonic 3D are both guilty of the last one).

    and, if they could get these games on their system:

    – ico, shadow of colossus, the last guardian
    – uncharted
    – tomb raider
    – maybe even see if they could play the nintendo classics on virtual console
    – i know i'm missing tons of other great games

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