The Gorgeous Chrono Trigger And Chrono Cross Music On Vinyl

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  1. SuMtOnE says:

    Man, I thought they were planning to REMAKE this series in HD for the ps4 til I read the very end of the title =(

  2. ethird1 says:

    Chrono trigger has great music. But Chrono Cross has some of the best music ever made for a game. If you can, go and buy the complete CC album. I have it. It is amazing. The Dream song is awesome. If you hear the Dream song playing in the Best Ending video, you will understand why. If you are an old school gamer like me who went to grade school in the 70's, then it will bring a tear to your eye. Guaranteed.

    Dont forget to pick up FF Tactics Soundtrack. IMO it may be the greatest soundtrack of all time. But then again anything by Hitoshi Sakimoto(who wrote most of the music for FF tactics)is a sure fire thing. Especially the Dragon's Crown soundtrack. Just listen to the "MAP" song or the "End Credits" song. Dear God.

    I could go on and on about my game music collection. By the way, if you are a savvy internet user, you can get all of this music for free.

    End of line.

  3. Vivi_Gamer says:

    I'm thrilled to see these Vinyl releases, I still need to Get VII & VIII's but to see them go beyond Final Fantas gives me hope that NieR will get the same treatment.

    The Chrono series is still on my backlog… I know, I'm a little embarrassed to admit that..

  4. TrueAssassin86x says:

    Meh im sorry but i'll pass.

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