CCP Confirms That Dust 514 Is Shutting Down For Good

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  1. Solid Fantasy says:

    New MMO FPS Ips has to be a difficult goal to tackle. There a lot of great ideas, but unless it's a staple franchise it's hard to really get it off the ground. Dust 514 and MAG were two great examples. They had their flaws, but I wonder how much of the lack of traffic was due to control or mechanics flaws versus not have the "Call of", "Halo", or "Destiny" words on in the title.

  2. xenris says:

    MAG is a game I really loved. I wish it didn't die, it was one of my favourite console FPS games ever.

  3. Solid Fantasy says:

    256 players online per match! There was so much potential. If the community really went for it an updated version or sequel could have been monumental!

  4. slugga_status says:

    MAG was by far one of my favorite fps games last gen.Especially when you had a squad who played the game the right way with mics.

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  5. MrAnonymity says:

    I tried to get into Dust 514. Then I also tried to get into Planetside 2. However, I just can't get into "freemium" games. There is a little appeal for a while, but then it goes away. Either way, I doubt Dust 514 going offline will even touch Eve Online.

  6. Shauneepeak says:

    Planetside 2 isn't bad at all if you do research before blowing your currency. Almost every weapon in the game is simply a side grade and only a few are really worth getting so once you learn your play style it is very easy to know exactly what you will want and just grab them and call it good.

    So while currency is earned horribly slow because there isn't actually a lot you need to spend it on it really isn't that bad. For example I just grabbed an SMG and one of the revolvers because I play Infiltrator.

  7. xenris says:

    They should have released this on the PC as well. It made very little sense to have a PS3 community playing and being affected by a PC community.

    Hopefully they make something similar on UE4 on the PS4 or PC that isn't linked with Eve.

    I thought dust was pretty fun in short bursts.

  8. Shauneepeak says:

    I feel bad for all the people who dumped a lot of money into this. They should have offered some compensation such as free months of membership in EVE or something if the players enjoyed the universe and wanted to transfer over.

  9. WorldEndsWithMe says:

    I feel bad for the devs who make these… temporary creations meant to just separate people from sense and cents.

  10. WorldEndsWithMe says:

    Sad failure along with MAG, Destiny will follow, Blacklight, Planetside 2, more. These things, they are evil and too much affected by being online online and made for trapping you into spending money rather than giving a true top notch gaming experience.

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  11. Rogueagent01 says:

    I don't know if i would call it a failure or anything like that it lasted seven years and in a way it is simply porting to PC although it is being rebuilt. That just sucks for me as i like playing on consoles so they will be leaving me behind.

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