As Of June 1, GameStop Will Stop Taking PS2 Stuff In Trade

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5 Responses

  1. AcHiLLiA says:

    I'm playing smart, I'm keeping my PS2/games this time around. I regretted trading in my PS1/games, (back when the PS2 has been out for a couple years) and all I got out of the trade was 2 New PS2 games, one of the stupidest things I ever did. I'm trying to remember what game store I traded in my stuff, it wasn't gamestop or ebgames (there was a store nearby called The Game Exchange, but that wasn't it).

  2. Metal Head says:

    I'm buying a new slim PS2 as a backup, since Sony won't allow PS2 games to play in future consoles.

  3. Jed says:

    I'm thinking I should pick up a Ps2 just in case my 60gb fatty PS3 dies. I traded my PS2 for PS3 stuff. I know, dumb move.

  4. dmiitrie says:

    Huh. I figured they already would have stopped. Maybe I'll get rid of my old games while I can, not that I'll get more than a couple bucks for then though.

  5. PoopsMcGee says:

    OH NO! I best be running down to collect my 3 dollars and fifty cents!

    I think I'll keep my stuff, thanks though…

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