Hanna Co-Writer To Handle Shadow Of The Colossus Film Script

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  1. KingRD7 says:

    Some other actors they might add are the soldiers in the game. U kno, the group of guys that were tracking the main character? But other than that, im a bit skeptical of the movie in general.

  2. Ninja_WafflesXD says:

    While I would love for a film of SotC to be made, simply for the fact that it's one of my favourite games ever…..I doubt that it could be pulled off well.

    The dialogue is very sparse throughout and for the most part, it just consists of taking down 16 huge colossi.

    While I would really want for someone to truly showcase what the game represents aka: A Masterpiece, I'm not holding up expectations too high.

    There's just so much feeling and emotion in the game, that I feel would just be lost in the transfer to the big screen so to speak.

  3. WorldEndsWithMe says:

    The sad part is if someone did this seriously as a piece of art unconcerned with marketability it could be an Oscar contender, but the odds of it coming out that way are not good.

  4. fatelementality says:

    I know it will never happen, but I would love to see a sequel for this game. It could take place in another location with a different character for all I care. I just wanna see some new & awesome colossi.

  5. Vivi_Gamer says:

    I have to say I did quite like Hanna, I only watched recently and thought the script was fair. As for the directors, I'm not sure on the chap who did The Scorpion King… But I have actually heard good things about Chronicle, so I won't dismiss it instantly .

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  6. Lawless SXE says:

    I'd forgotten this was in development. So worried that it'll be crap and forever tarnish Team ICO.

  7. Snaaaake says:

    The film will definitely be nothing like the game, if it does, it'd be one of the most boring film of all time.
    Films can't be enjoyed the same way as video game does.

  8. WorldEndsWithMe says:

    I just think nobody has figured out how to capture that feeling at the cinema yet. Not impossible but people shouldn't give up and just hammer the story into a typical movie script.

    Who says we need lots of dialogue? Who says a camera can't follow a character through epic landscapes and battles for a few hours?

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  9. gumbi says:

    In a perfect world. This film could be a spectacular, awe inspiring, emotional masterpiece.

    In Hollywood… it'll just be a crapload of crap. They'll change it too much. They'll make it all actiony, Wander will be a wisecracking smart-ass, there'll be a new hot girl love interest for some cheesy love triangle, and some extra characters to meet along the way… and of course, they'll all speak English.

    I can only hope I'm wrong. I'll gleefully eat my words if the film turns out… but I wouldn't bank on it. I just have no faith in video game inspired movies…

  10. mehrab2603 says:

    The Scorpion King director? This is going to be a disaster.

  11. PlanetDelirium says:

    Just confirmed: zac efron as wander

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