PS2 Is Done: All Manufacturing Stopped

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  1. Nas Is Like says:

    R.I.P. PS2

    You were an amazing console. And your legacy will never be forgotten. You may be gone, but you're still in our hearts.

  2. maxpontiac says:

    Wow. The PS2 is what opened my eyes per se with all things Sony.

    I am thinking about going out and buying one for collecting sake.

  3. BikerSaint says:

    PS2, you might be finally showing your age, but as one oldie-but-goodie to another, you won't be forgotten by me, as I still have 100's of games in my huge PS2 backlog still to play.

    And I think I'll celebrate both our longevity, by firing up both my PS2 Phattie & Slim for some grand ole gaming fun today.

  4. Xombito says:

    Kinda too bad really. I thought PS2 was still selling. Oh well more resources devoted to PS3.

  5. maxpontiac says:

    You know, along those lines I like to think that more resources will be going to the PS4!

  6. Xombito says:

    Or that too.

  7. Corvo says:

    Its not goodbye, it will never be goodbye. Now that the ps2 is done being created that just means it will become a part of your home. I had my ps2 sitting behind my ps3. Now that this news has reached me, its going to sit beside it and its going to remind me that one day, games will be the way they were. New, creative, and full of different ideas. Not 40 FPS with 10-12 other types of games a year.

    PS2, you done good. You done good. Now turn on your fan and kick back and relax. All 150 million of us love you <3

  8. TheCanadianGuy says:

    my all time favorite console i'll never forget the all nighters i had with GTA III and Vice. so long PS2 you will be missed :'(

  9. Snaaaake says:

    Well it's just too bad PS3 couldn't continue the dominance.
    But hey, not even Ninty's dominance lasted back then.

  10. WorldEndsWithMe says:

    No company survives an ambush by Microsoft completely unscathed.

  11. Excelsior1 says:

    hehe. Good one World. If Sony had just done a better job of transitioning PS2 owners to the PS3 then they could of withstood that ambush despite whatever MS did. Sony made some mistakes early on that kind of just handed that marketshare over to MS. Price being the main problem. They had a $600 machine with games that didn't look any better than the 360's and the multiplats looked worse. Crazy Ken Kutaragi did Sony no favors with his whacky quotes like get two jobs.

    Listen we all love Sony but to blame MS entirely is ignoring some of the things Sony did to shoot themselves in the foot. The PS3 launch could have gone much better. It's hard to imagine a worse launch than that. Oh well, Sony did have two consectutive gens of unquestioned dominance. Maybe it went to their heads a little. If you look at the numbers from the last two generations it's easy to see how Sony could think they had his gen in the bag.

    The way I see it is Sony stumbled early on in this generation and MS was able to take advantage of it. MS got lucky. No way does MS topple Sony from its top spot without some help from Sony themselves.

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  12. newchef says:

    i still have both my PS2s i use one as a DVD player for my family and the other to play the random PS2 games when i feel the urge

  13. WorldEndsWithMe says:

    Bye PS2. We had so many great JRPGs together. I wonder if PS4 will be called PS4, they are hanging onto Orbis for the time being.

  14. AcHiLLiA says:

    PS2 is king, insane numbers. The other consoles during that time still has some great games.

  15. tlpn99 says:

    Still got my PS2 and PS1 both not been used since I got my PS3 but I know they are there 🙂 Both the original phat style of both machines, original grey with the flip up lid before they they renamed it PSOne. You were my 1st console with Crash Bandicoot for £150 from Dixon's at the time.

    PS2 came a few years later when I wanted to play the next Metal Gear Solid Game.

    PS3 came when the b/c ones were being stopped in Argos here in the UK.

    Here's looking at you PS4 or Orbis or whatever your gonna be called 🙂

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  16. Bonampak says:

    The PS2 was the first game console to really go mainstream, even before the Wii came to the scene. Difference was, that the PS2 catered to both gamers and non-gamers and was the perfect console for both audiences. It had the perfect balance of hard core games and casual games.

    The PS4 should be modeled after the PS2. Using the same strategy of being a console for everyone.

    The PS4 will not beat the 720 if Sony tries to go after cores and nothing but cores with the PS4. You can't pull away the CoD nuts away from the Xbox unless you make the PS4 a console that mom and dad, and everyone else can enjoy.

    That's the lesson Sony should get from our beloved PS2. It was a console that everyone could enjoy (gaming, watching DVD's etc.) and not just a relatively small demographic like the cores (small compared to mainstream gamers).

    I still have my original PS2 and its in perfect working order. So many good memories that are an integrated part of my life and those around me.


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  17. kraygen says:

    I'm going to buy a brand new one and keep it in the box until my old fatty kicks the bucket just so I always have one, might get two. Never know someone in 10 years might really want a new in box ps2.

  18. TheCanadianGuy says:

    you know that's a damn good idea i might buy a new one and just pack it away in the closet just to be safe and know i'll always have a PS2 ready to go. i never had a slim

  19. Hand_of_Sorrow says:

    so long PS2, we spent many hours together playing GTA.

    you will be missed but not forgotten.

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