Sony Halting PS2 Shipments In Japan

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  1. BikerSaint says:

    Huh, that's odd.

    I would've thought that Sony would at least wait to stop Japanese shipments till sometime after the last PS2 game launches in Japan on 3/27/2013,

    It's called "Final Fantasy XI: Seekers of Adoulin"

    more info on it here…..…a-release-date

    Maybe Sony's shipping department paperwork shows that most Japanese stores are still abundantly stocked or maybe even over-stocked with PS2's????

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  2. WorldEndsWithMe says:

    Maybe everyone that wanted one has one.

  3. godsman says:

    It just means that ps4 is coming soon, as they can't possibly sustain 4 systems at a time.

  4. BikerSaint says:

    And why not?

    As Sony's certainly proven that they can sustain more than 4 TV models at a time.

  5. bebestorm says:

    PS2 will always be King because of exclusives and killer jrpgs we no longer have in the current generation. Its interesting shipments are stopping in japan since its still selling and I guess U.S. and Europe shipments will stop soon. I would like to See Sony get off the bench and reclaim some 3rd party exclusives with the PS4.

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  6. MartyRules says:

    RIP, sweet warrior

  7. Excelsior1 says:

    Lifetime sales in millions

    PS2 153.6 released 2000
    PS1 102.49 released 1994
    PS3 70.2 released 2006

    The PS2 was a beast. Just to demonstrate how dominant the PS2 was in terms of sales its nearest competitor was the original Xbox which managed to sell 24 million units. Even the PS1 was very dominant. Its nearest competitor was the N64 which sold 32.93 million units.

    The PS2 was an amazing success. No doubt about it. Best selling console of all time. It was just the right system at the right time and gamers thought the price was fair. Sony was able to ride out the momentum they still had from the PS1 era which no doubt helped propel the PS2 early on. After that its killer game line up simply smashed the compeition.

  8. Underdog15 says:

    Interesting to note that in the PS2's first year, it wasn't doing well, and everyone got doom-and-gloomy about it being a failure.

  9. Snaaaake says:

    Though it would have been better if all those visual novels were released outside Japan……………….

  10. WorldEndsWithMe says:

    and a million other games.

  11. Corvo says:

    My fatboy is still sitting beside my ps3. Its 11 years old and still working like a brand new console. Hell i got it 3rd grade. PS2 is awesome and i think if it wasn't for MS's bribing the ps3 would have had a better start.

  12. WorldEndsWithMe says:

    I keep a spare for Persona 4 and the FF games. (I seriously doubt I'll be able to wait for FFXHD before I play again) Maybe the PS4 will have PS2 B/C. Those chipsets can't be expensive anymore.

    For auld lang syne! Hear hear, there goes a King! Goodnight PS2.

  13. Killa Tequilla says:

    Makes me want to buy one now…

  14. Underdog15 says:

    I love it when people disagree with fact. I'm not stating my opinion folks. This 'lol' is for you.

    My point was that the PS3 faced the same criticism (and actually, the PS1 and PSP did as well). And now the Vita is in the same boat. I'm sure the PS4 will have the same out-of-the-gate issue, but in the end, we'll know who the real champ is.

  15. ___________ says:

    still got my mini slim, id be cool if $ony managed to release a ps3 of that size, even if they have to use a external PSU.
    sad to see the ps2 go, it had a good long life!
    only if the ps3 was so diverse, and had half the third party support the ps2 had!

  16. manofchao5 says:

    I would think that's it's because japan was the first launch site and that europe and the us are a bit bigger in comparison so they're trying to give a few more weeks to sell more

  17. Excelsior1 says:

    For the record I did not thumb you down Underdog. I agree the PS2 faced a lot of the same complaints that the PS3 faced. Hard to develop for. Launch line up wasn't great. Dreamcast games looked just as good and in some cases better.

    But even with all that only the Wii beats out the PS2 in first years sales and it just barely beats it out. Were there gripes about the PS2? Absolutely. Did those gripes have anywhere the impact that similar gripes had against the PS3? No way. I'd argue the early negativity around the PS3 was more deeply felt(had tangible impact on sales) and lingered a lot longer.

    There are probably a lot of reasons for that. The PS2 only had to contend with the Dreamcast its first year. By time the major competitors showed up the PS2 already had several system selling and system defining games available for it like Metal Gear Solid 2, Final Fantasy 10, Devil May Cry, and Gran Turismo 3 A-spec. Those games did a lot to dimiss the early gripes against the PS2. I'm sure price was a big factor as well. Not nearly the sticker shock that there was on the $600 PS3.

  18. ricksterj says:

    OK fine but will the ps2 live on in the PS4?

  19. Anonymous says:

    Also, there are heaps of PS2s that are unsold or preowned.

  20. Anonymous says:

    They're too busy duct taping PS2s together to form PS4s.

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