PSXE Poll Update: Final Fantasy VII Is Indeed Legendary

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51 Responses

  1. LightShow says:

    well, VII wasn't THAT good, but I guess there is something to be said about lucky number seven.

    and, for that matter, unlucky number XIII…

  2. WorldEndsWithMe says:

    There's no nostalgia like the kind that game brings out. Remake it, bring it to a generation of gamers that are too cool for old school.

  3. Victor321 says:

    it was no surprise really lol
    i voted on the latest poll and RE2 and 4 are tied! exciting! XD

  4. migabyte says:

    FF7 was my favorite, well I like 3 (US) alot too. I haven't even played XI,XII, or IX. RPG's were my favorite games growing up, started back when FF1 was first released. But they seem to have gotten stale. I thought FF8 was kind of blah, then I didn't even bother with FF9. I am not really excited for XIII, but I may play/buy it.

  5. migabyte says:

    Another thing…..FF7 was neat because it was kind of futuristic, and this was original, but all subsequent FF's have taken place in a futuristic society it seems. I don't really like this, seems to have lost a lot of it's "fantasy".

  6. AceTatsujin says:

    FF VII is not just a legend, it's a legacy!

  7. ps92117 says:

    at least someone agrees

  8. ps92117 says:

    lol yay for ff7 it was and is my favorite game. but yeah no surprise there, lol I have only fainted once in my life and that was all thanks to 7, I had played it like 11 hours straigh in a very bright and small tv, and in a fairly hot and dark room, but that day I had unlocked vincent, and cid I think plus moved like ten lvls for cloud, not to mention the awsome summons materia that I got.Unfortunately(or maybe fortunately) I haven't played any of the biohazard games so I wont be able to participate.

  9. Banky A says:

    Off topic but some of you may like to use up precious time to read this severely mature PS3 bashing (in the comments section).

    I can't believe it's still happening LOLOL!!!11one


    And yeah FFVII the 1st one I played (never owned it). I 1st hired it I think and only got up to the first scorpion boss. The game was sweet. Then I found out my neighbour had it then I borrowed it of him. Finished the game, gave it back. Borrowed it again to do everything and beat the Weapons.
    And repeat for 4 more FF games. The only game I own is FFXII.


  10. LegendaryWolfeh says:

    FF9 was not future based…it had knights even O_o

  11. Qwarktast1c says:

    FFX was futuristic in a way, while at the same time their society was stuck in the dark ages because sin would pwn them if they had machina

  12. LegendaryWolfeh says:

    Checked it out, that entire thread of a load of scat… lol yay for vocabulary

  13. Tim Speed24 says:

    Oh brother! The blind leading the blind out there. It's amazing the level of stupidity you can find on the internet. There should be a word for it.

    L7 344T

  14. NightHawk17 says:

    I wish i could find this game for a reasonable price, i want to play it so bad put it's ridiculous how much people sell them for and square won't remake or even re-release it 🙁

  15. Geobaldi says:

    You can find it at a reasonable price still. I sold my original since I have the PC version too, but picked up another one later at Gamestop for $12. Then gave that away as a gift and picked up another on Ebay for $24. Used copies are fairly cheap. Now a new copy, that's a different story lol.

  16. kokoro says:

    Final fantasy 8 was my favourite

  17. ThugNificent101 says:

    Truthfully, I'm a huge fan of FFVII. It had a great story, and characters, very memorable indeed… but i think the main reason that this one is my favorite is because of the simple fact that this is the RPG that introduced me to the genre.
    That's the main reason that this game is still my favorite RPG to date, even though I've played many that were, in my opinion, better.

  18. LegendaryWolfeh says:

    FF9 so far was my favorite =)

  19. Jamaican_Heat says:

    Final Fantasy 10 is where its at for myself. I put waaaaay to much time into that game. Final Fantasy 7 is close with 8 in my close 2nd place.

  20. Qwarktast1c says:

    ha, i put ALOT of time into that game also

    on weekends i would stay up till the wee hours of the morning trying to get EVERYTHING

    now i do have everything, except all the blitzball moves 😛

  21. Scarecrow says:

    Final Fantasy X and XII were the bests, and no one can tell me otherwise.

    On this new poll Resident Evil 2 takes it for me. RE4 a close second.

    RE2 just has it ALL

    RE4 lacks some suspense or like a well stringed flow of events. Most of the time it's stringed well. But not like in RE2, RE2 really defined a lot of things for future games back then.

  22. Scarecrow says:

    Hahahaha the ps1 was awesome….
    Hehe it's really cool when it gets ready for a cut-scene or FMV 😀

  23. crapreviews says:

    was there any doubt? lol

  24. Scarecrow says:

    You tell 'em ffrulez

  25. Qwarktast1c says:

    i agree with ffrulez, well at least with the FFX part

  26. Kevadu says:

    VII was a fun game, but it's definitely not my favorite. It was a massive update in visuals and brought the series to a lot of new fans, but in terms of gameplay and depth I thought it was something of a disappointment compared to the golden days of the SNES.

    For me it's a tough decision between IV and VI, but VI ultimately wins out. That game holds a special place in my heart which will probably never be surpassed.

  27. Geobaldi says:

    I totally agree. VI was just more of a complete game to me. And it had, and may still have, the longest ending in gaming history.

  28. King James says:

    Final Fantasy 8 is my favorite one. It was my 1st complete RPG experience. I went back to FF7 later after I beat FF8. And after play FF7 numerous times…FF8 was still better to me.

    I still plan to find a swordsmith to make me a gunblade. That weapon was legendary. Better than Tidus's aquasword (whatever it was called). The one that is on FFX cover.

    Last edited by King James on 2/16/2009 2:51:07 AM

  29. Qwarktast1c says:

    i think that the sphere grid is the best thing since sliced bread as far as leveling up in FF goes

    FFX was also the best cause you could control the summons, or aeons in this case. now what could be better than controling bahamut??

  30. Geobaldi says:

    And just as a side note. My favorite Resident Evil is Code Veronica, but alas it isn't one of the choices. Though I did enjoy the Outbreak series as well.

  31. Godslim says:

    for me 10 was easily the best i never got y everyone luved 7 so much….10 had the best story

  32. WorldEndsWithMe says:

    Had to do this one guys, look in the forums at my poll on your favorite Final Fantasy Lady 😉

  33. fundando says:

    We all new VII would win and for good reason. THe only one that I've played through at least 5 times.

  34. Xanavi23 says:

    VII had a great story and thats the most important thing but i have to be honest and say FFXII had a very close story in terms of that.

  35. firehahahahaha says:

    VII was the first I played, and probably the one I got into the most. Actually I think it's the only one I've ever actually completed for that matter…

    As for Resident Evil, I never cared for any of them, so I'll stay out of this poll…

  36. rell says:

    ff7 was classic and ff8 both my favorite, I just hope wada don't mess up everything.

  37. BigBoss4ever says:

    honestly, other than the fact that FFVII is the first 3D epic scale RPG and it lead the revolution of the RPG world, I do not think FFVII is that fun or graphically beautiful. FFVIII,IX and X are better in that sense.

    If we say FF7 is the greatest FF, it is because it is the first 3D RPG and it sets the trend and direction of all 3D RPGs and it introduced a new looking of RPG gaming. Other than that, I dont find FF7 that intriging. Chrono Trigger is way better in story and pure RPG elements — nothing is more "RPG" than Chrono Trigger in my opinion.

    Last edited by BigBoss4ever on 2/16/2009 1:19:29 PM

  38. Qwarktast1c says:

    here's a suggestion for a favorite poll

    ratchet and clank series

  39. Geobaldi says:

    Or best Silent Hill

  40. TEG3SH says:

    boooooooo booooooo booooo
    what happened to the greatest ff ever FFVIII seriously ppl
    7 was good but not that good
    mine are:
    seriously booooooo

  41. atomaweapon says:

    It's too bad Advent Children was literally the worst movie I've seen in years.

  42. Bardock617 says:

    my favorite FF wasn't up. so i didn't vote.

  43. Banky A says:

    I'm going to call ffrulez, Valentine now 😛 or Vincent


  44. BigBoss4ever says:


  45. Banky A says:

    Blitzball is my favourite Final Fantasy.
    I seriously loved it. The most addictive mini-game I've played in a FF.
    I also loved the FFX-2 version. You couldn't control them but winning became fast and fun.

    I want a seperate Blitzball spinoff as a PSN game naooooooooooooooooow!!!!

  46. Qwarktast1c says:

    yeah right, they'd probably delay it so they could port it to the CrapBox

  47. Banky A says:

    Ratchet & Clank pwnz teh World.

  48. Randomhero1 says:

    'PlayStation 3 hardware is "barely superior to Xbox 360?"' Engadget
    >>??? 360 is nowwhere NEAR ps3's power.<<

    "360 has better games though." Yahoo Answers
    >>Theres seriously not a Single game thats makes me want a 360.<<

    "Controllers are horrible. They're similar to PSX controllers" Sexy Janitor
    >>The controllers are Awesome. unlike the bulky 360 controller<<

    "Xbox 360 is awesome, ps3 sucks" Tom Sucks WordPress

    OOO and my favourite! : "No Unified online service" Gaming Dump (idiots! lol)

    "The console is forcing developers to make games in hi-def" Gaming Dump again
    >>Thats A Bad Thing?<<

    "The Console is not being marketed as a game console but a Blu-ray player." Gaming Dump again
    >>? Its Both.<<

    Cobb: "It's Official: PS3 Sucks"
    >>um ok<<

  49. JackieBoy says:

    This is no suprise, as FFVII and FFX were first on the new consoles. I suppose FFXIII will take place in our hearts too…
    Three FF's on PS, three on PS2… I bet that we will see also three on PS3 and PS4 will get FFXVI

    Last edited by JackieBoy on 2/19/2009 3:30:04 AM

  50. Knightedrik says:

    There were 4 Final Fantasy RPG's on the PS2.. X, X-2, XI, XII.. 5 if you count Dirge of the Ceberus, althought nobody cares about that POS.. lmao O yeah.. and by the same logic.. there were 4 on the PS1 as well.. VII, VIII, IX, and Tactics. One could also mention the collections as well.. but thats not really anything new there..

    Last edited by Knightedrik on 2/19/2009 5:52:48 AM

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