PSXE Best Of The Best Poll Update: MGS Leans At The Wire!

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22 Responses

  1. crapreviews says:

    Sorry but that's just BS. FF7 was better than MGS. not that i even like MGS.

  2. Advent Child says:

    I actually kinda voted for MGS just because I thought FFVII Would win and I love both. So there is my one vote!

  3. BigBoss4ever says:

    FF7 is a great RPG, but to say it is the greatest RPG of all time, it is a bit far-fetched. By any judgement, the quality of graphics can not live up to any of the mediocre RPG of today's. However, I do understand its huge impact to the RPG genre as it is the first full fledged grand 3D RPG and kinda brought the revolution into the RPG genre, and it is in that sense, it is remembered by millions and in our hearts forever. With that said, I do not believe it can be the greatest RPG of all time. I believe Chrono Trigger is better than it, Chrono Cross even has better graphics, FF4 has more emotional story, FF10 has amazing graphics. — all those cannot be ignored and are serious candidates for that title. Actually, imo, it is hard to pinpoint a single title as the single greatest RPG of all time.

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  4. BigBoss4ever says:

    P.S. MGS does deserve the crown, I just recently bought the collector's edition for the MGS 1,2,3 and played all the 1.2.3 again after playing the 4th. MGS is still amazing even as today and it is where this MGS franchise all started. Salute you Snake, Salute you Boss, Salute you Hideo!

    P.S. I believe the PS2 poll will be more fun and more intense, I look forward to it and I have already casted my vote for this round — FF10 for best PS2 RPG for sure.

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  5. Vivi_Gamer says:

    I cant complain with that (for once)all 3 of theme are classics. i still personaly prefer FF8, but thast just me :).

    As for the PS2 RPG, i vote for FFX, the last good FF game………

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  6. firehahahahaha says:

    I never liked any of the PS2 FF's and I really haven't played any others there besides KH. Although I'd much rather vote for the first KH, the second gets my vote.

    And I personaly would have gone for FFVII over MGS, but I don't remember what I voted for, or if I even voted at all

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  7. LightShow says:


    and for ps2, thats really tough. I know that i played KH2 so much the sucker practically went up in smoke, so thats my vote. Jak X was a helluva lot of fun though, if not necessarily the best.

  8. Vivi_Gamer says:

    Jak X was a horrific racing game, the opponets wouldnt be far behind you but they wont threat to zoom 1/2 teh track in front of you.

  9. N a S a H says:

    LOL Jak X was HORRIBLE

    Best PS1 game for me was Spyro 😀

    Best PS2 game is either Jak(any of the 3 except the racing xD) or Any of the ratchet & Clanks.

  10. BeezleDrop says:

    MGS and FF7 are both masterpieces! They both deserve the gold.

  11. Godslim says:

    mgs ftw!

  12. HANZ64 says:

    Goes to show that every vote counts 🙂

  13. Scarecrow says:

    There we go!

  14. WorldEndsWithMe says:

    FFVII was more gripping, but what can you do? People are in love with shooters and it doesn't get better than MGS for capping baddies. PS2 is gonna come between a FF title and a KH title, I know where my vote is going (can't abide Disney characters)

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  15. MetalHead09 says:

    i totally agree with ff7 being the best rpg of all time. its the first rpg ive ever played and in my oppinion the only rpgs that have come close since that i have played was arc the lad and the first shadow hearts. but as far as best ps1 game of all time totally gotta go with metal gear. i cannot begin to tell you how many times i have beaten that game, no kidding it has to lean towards hundreds at least. i dont know the back of my hand as well as i know that game lol.

  16. MetalHead09 says:

    ps sorry and i cant leave out ff10, my bad.

  17. Zorigo says:

    never had a ps2 so never known what any of those were like. i reckon mgs is the best though. mgs4 was fudging awesome

  18. Riku994 says:

    I was torn between KH2 and DQ8 so I flipped a coin… turned out to be KH2 XD

  19. Zaben says:

    Now I can actually participate w00!

    I wasn't much into gaming back in the day of the PS1 so I haven't played many of the games in the polls. I really started playing video games during the era of PS2 and the PS3 brought out the true gamer within me.
    KH2 Ftw.

  20. AceTatsujin says:

    yea who the f— voted for MGS. you deserve a beating in the head.

  21. Scarecrow says:

    Yes I voted for Metal Gear Solid!
    Best ps1 game, period!

  22. bamf says:

    MGS all the way. Tekken 3 sucked for me.

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