PSXE’s Best Of The Best Polls Update: GT2 Speeds To Victory

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6 Responses

  1. Qubex says:

    I played GT2, however never got GT4. Now I am messing about with Prologue hoping that they can introduce a physics damage model and better on-line lobby features. I suspect the GT5, at release anyway, would have all those improvements… here is hoping.

    Ben, on the question of pushing hardware. Would you say GT4 pushed PS2 hardware as hard as God Of War did for the console? I never owned a PS2 and never quite got to see GT4 in action.


    "aLL RoAdS LeAd ToO hOMe"

  2. Ben Dutka PSXE says:

    I think GT4 pushed it more than God of War. I believe there was a GT4 PS2 bundle, too… It was a definite system seller. The only bigger one was FFXII, IMO.

    Last edited by Ben Dutka PSXE on 10/6/2008 12:47:42 AM

  3. WorldEndsWithMe says:

    I'm not a racer fan by any means but how could you NOT have fun with the Gran Turismo series? I'm glad GT5 is PS3 exclusive.

  4. Vivi_Gamer says:

    I'm glad Crash Team Racing got better recognition this round, Though its still far better than GT2 as a multiplayer game.

  5. AntDC says:

    Silent Hill!
    Which to choose…?!

  6. Daedusian says:

    Sad that Mr. Tony didn't make the list, but at least NfS is still there. Loved those games. Never played GT2 but I'm sure it was great like the rest of 'em!

    Last edited by Daedusian on 10/6/2008 5:01:08 PM

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