PSXE Best Of The Best Polls Update: GT2 Crosses Finish First

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13 Responses

  1. Skwidd says:

    The poll results should always have a heading that reads "PSX Readers' best.. Award". The choices made have been curious at best.

  2. Daedusian says:

    Glad THPS2 is close with GT2 and NfS making third for the time being. Both of them were my favorite games back in the day.

  3. WaR_HaWk says:

    crash team racing RULLLZ

  4. Gabriel013 says:

    It's NfS or GT for me on this poll.

  5. Scarecrow says:

    Voted for Gran Turismo 2, still one of the best racing games out there….

    Man I can't wait for Gran Turismo 5!!!!!!

  6. Vivi_Gamer says:

    Crash Team Racing is by far the best, YOU PEOPLE SHOULD FEEL ASHAMED! i thought the GT series was boring.

  7. Scarecrow says:

    Opinions will be opinions

    Fact remains that Gran Turismo was the best selling game for Playstation(1).

  8. _nightwalker85 says:

    i was shocked about castlevania 2??? not 2 much about wipeout. I would love 2 see a castlevania on ps3 or legacy of kane!!!!

  9. Wage SLAVES says:

    Gran Turismo changed my life…and my relationship with my brother. 1 ps and we had to share.

  10. Maz says:

    GT2 and CTR for me

  11. BlinkBoy says:

    Vroom, where is WipEout

  12. Xanavi23 says:

    Lol, who at PSXE is surprised ? GT not only sold Millions UPON MILLIONS of copies but also helped moved millions more PS1s and subsequently PS2. GT was the oh so clear choice…Revolutionizing racing games and pushing limits, a characteristic that still exists…God i love Prologue. Nice stuff.

  13. Xanavi23 says:

    Probably cause you're not very good at it, NOT that there's anything wrong with that.

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