PSXE’s Best Of The Best Polls Update: Clear Victory For MGS

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13 Responses

  1. WaR_HaWk says:

    Spyro and MGS1 RULLZ

  2. fatchad420 says:

    I still think Parasite Eve should of been up there >.>;

  3. dlte says:

    what a shocker!

  4. Qubex says:



    "aLL RoAds LeAd ToO hOMe"

  5. Vivi_Gamer says:

    This poll was incorrect. I'm not suprised MGS won, You still need a survival horror poll.

    Silent Hill
    RE 1,2,3
    Parasite Eve II
    Dino Crisis
    Alone in the Dark: A New Nightmare

    I'm not sure what would win.

    As for the current poll, i voted for CTR, by far the best multiplayer game ever made.

  6. Tim Speed24 says:

    Hey PSX, how about a poll of games that don't have a "clear" blockbuster in it. That will make the poll more interesting IMO.

  7. Ben Dutka PSXE says:

    You're looking at it. I don't think there's a clear winner this time. 😉

  8. Tim Speed24 says:

    Ummm….Grand Turismo is not a blockbuster title? I bet GT2 wins this poll.

  9. Daedusian says:

    Wow this next poll is a toughy. Can't decide between THPS2 and NfS:HP…

  10. Ben Dutka PSXE says:

    By the way, the final poll will be a special poll that includes all great PS1 games that didn't quite make the cut in the genre awards. So if you have any suggestions for that list of 10, feel free to let me know.

  11. MetalHead09 says:

    im torn between gran turismo and tony hawks……….

  12. lolrrodlol says:

    A quick comment on these polls. It's inaccurate to award silver and bronze on the basis of gold medal votes. If MGS was given the gold and then a new poll was held for silver, RE2 might not win. Those who voted for MGS might not vote for RE2 for silver. This is especially true being that MGS won a large majority, rather than a plurality.

  13. Scarecrow says:

    Crash Bandicoot 2 or 3

    Gran Turismo or Gran Turismo 2

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