PSXE’s Best Of The Best Polls Update: Tekken 3 KOs Competition

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17 Responses

  1. Daedusian says:

    Were the results still about 40% for Tekken and 16% or so for MK? Just curious at how close or far the top two were apart…

  2. Ben Dutka PSXE says:

    Yeah, 45% for Tekken 3 and 15% each for Trilogy and SmackDown!

  3. Scarecrow says:

    Street Fighter Alpha 3 was better

  4. Zapix says:

    ugh, resident evil 3 was soo much better than 2. *sigh* not an option though. guess I'll go with mgs in this case.

  5. Scarecrow says:


    Resident Evil 2 was Playstation's best Resident Evil, period.

    Specially in terms of storyline

  6. AceTatsujin says:

    man this is hard, MGS was such an awesome game. Twisted Metal 2 was a great game, Resident Evil 2 … how many hours, days and months I've spent on the game? ……………. Honestly, the second best game on PS1 is Metal Gear Solid. I'll be voting for that one. FF VII is ranked #1 =)

  7. Scarecrow says:


    Seriously you must be joking

  8. Vivi_Gamer says:

    Yup i knew Tekken 3 would win, suprised that Soul Blade didnt do better. I voted Metal Gear Solid for best action game. Though im confused why Resident Evil 2 is in there, Its a HORROR game. you need to do a Horror game poll.

    Also there needs to be a separate catagory for action & platforming games, Spyro & Metal Gear Solid classed in the same genre seems incorrect, Wheres Crash Bandicoot, you can miss out the Crash Bandicoot adventure trilogy!

  9. AntDC says:

    That is a quality list of games in the poll… everyone of them deserves a medal. I think this ones gonna be closer.

  10. firehahahahaha says:

    This seems like a really odd selection to be together this time… I'm gonna be giving my vote to the Legacy of Kain series on this one.

  11. eLLeJuss says:

    man.. i played all these games. except for teh dragon. all of em were good. i probably played twisted metal the most. it was fun playing it with my cousins, though i think mgs is the best =P. me and my dad used to have so much fun with it.

  12. MadPowerBomber says:

    Mortal Kombat Trilogy and WWE Smackdown? Are you serious? Wow. Street Fighter Alpha 3 made both of those games look like sissies. I voted for MGS on the new one, 'cause I love the game; but Castlevania Symphony of the Night wipes the floor with everything else on the list.

  13. Laguna says:

    Where is Crash Bandicoot 3 in the new poll?

  14. bamf says:

    RE2, MoH, LoK and TR was some of my best games for the PS1 but none of them come close to the excellence of MGS, it was my fave game for PS1.

  15. Reccaman18 says:

    How could Metal Gear Solid possibly lose? lol

  16. Mista says:

    I loved some Legacy of Kain and Resi 2 but come on, Metal Gear Solid rules all.

  17. Reccaman18 says:

    I dont know, I was wondering myself.

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