Ben’s Week In Review: December 5

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  1. Snaaaake says:

    So AC:BroHood is just that good eh?
    Guess I'll pick it up once the price drops.
    The Spike VGA is nothing, for voting from us gamers, isn't it just a popularity contest?
    I was unfazed when UC2 won it in 2009.

    Got my GT5 collector's edition earlier this week, having a blast with it. Got my B license a little while ago.
    I just realized NASCAR is very very hard to control, going at 300kmph is insane when I'm playing a driving simulator.

    Currently pulling my hairs off in the first Top Gear Test Track event, how the heck do you race with a Samba bus?
    I find it near impossible to get first place, the best I could get was 3rd.

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  2. frylock25 says:

    highlander said to turn off all the driving assits cuz they slow you down. also your only going about 50 so hit your turns hard. i havent gotten that one yet but i am about 38% done with the game. i love it.

  3. Snaaaake says:

    The bus is slow so I have no problem taking a hard turn, problem is that I can't hit the other racers and the space for overtaking is so small.

    I just got a 2nd place finish, that's good enough for now.

  4. Riku994 says:

    When are the Spike VGAs?

  5. frylock25 says:

    saturday december 11th. the 12th is the special announcement i believe

  6. DUNDEAL79 says:

    Ben,i think it's about the story in the Resistace series and all about the multiplayer in Killzone,which is the best online shooter out.
    PGU nfs,gt5,fifa11,nba 2k11

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  7. Lawless SXE says:

    I don't put a whole lot of stock into any of the VGAs. It is, of course, possible to say that one game is better in many ways than another, but when it comes to the different genres, it will always fall to personal preference. And I hope that the Resistance 3 gameplay is more reminiscent of the first two games than something like Killzone. I want them to retain the seeming light-heartedness. It's like an Insomniac trademark, isn't it?

    Everyone has an opinion, and I think that it is important for everyone to say what they think, else it creates a world of exclusion. Going by this logic, I don't begrudge the posters at Destructoid their fanboy rage, because if that is what they think, then why should they not say it. Sure, I may not agree with it, but so much the better. At least we get a different viewpoint. However, you do sort of wish that people would sit down and have a good long think about how to put their ideas down in a more logical and legible manner than 'PLAYSTATION IZ TEH SUK. DUM DEVS SHUD PUT ALL GAMZ ON 360. YEA!'. Still, to each their own, and thank goodness for PSXE.

    I was actually going to ask about that Insomniac interview today. I went looking for it yesterday assuming that I'd missed it, and ended up reading some of the very early editorials that were written on this site. Some of them were really long. Good to know that it'll be coming soon, and even better to know that we may soon be getting a Q&A for R3.

    Personal Update:
    Well, I finished God of War: Ghost of Sparta for a second time, and am working on the review for that occasionally. I've gone back to VC2 on the PSP. I found the disc after my panic of yesterday. Still can't beat Baldren though… And GT5, in which I have suddenly taken a turn for the suck. Honestly, I played about six races yesterday and won one of them. Also, the bongobus challenge is ridiculous. Every time I catch up to that lad in first place, someone sneaks up behind me, catches me on the rear and sends me careening off the road and into DQland. Not fun.
    I finished 'The Picture of Dorian Gray' on Tuesday. I enjoyed it, but the sudden turnaround of Dorian's character didn't make a whole lot of sense. And I really liked the way that so much was left unsaid, rather than going into detail about all of his sins. I'm now reading 'Middlemarch' by George Eliot.

  8. Qubex says:

    A very impressive game, Ghosts Of Sparta. Shows what can be done with care and attention. ReadyAtDawn are brilliant. I hope they make more productions, especially on Psp2.



  9. Lawless SXE says:

    I'd love to see an adaption or remake of God of War: Betrayal for the PSP2 for those of us who don't want to play it on mobile, and do want the full story.

  10. Temjin001 says:

    I looked at Spike's nominees for overall goty. Everything but CoD Black Ops looks acceptable by me. But I personally lean more towards the innovative side of game design as being the component that sets a game above the rest of an already impressive line up of nominees. So, it would seem that HR was more deserving than GoW3 as a nominee imo (judging by what I gathered from the critical response and the game demo) but seeing that I haven't actually played through HR, it's hard for me to make a confident claim.
    I also haven't played RDR. I loved Reach, but ME2 is now my new infatuation.
    My vote goes to ME2.
    … Black Ops? nominee? how?

  11. rossinator_99 says:

    i assume black ops got nomination by sheer popularity (i.e. sales).

    i haven't checked nominations for spike's VGAs, but i know BO (haha, Body Odor) shouldn't win. i only played SP, but it wasn't that spectacular…

  12. Lawless SXE says:

    Their nomination gives away their GotY choice for the PS3… Still, God of War 3 is very deserving of it. Well, at least we can pretty much count it being the overall GotY over there.

  13. Temjin001 says:

    I just like the idea that goty is the critics chance at contributing to the health and diversity of the game industry by bringing to light those games that are both incredible in quality and praiseworthy in innovation and design.
    A game like CoD Black Ops does little to expand the breadth of quality game design. It sticks to a cookie-cutter formulaic approach we've seen many times already this gen. It touches upon a few great scripted events towards the second half of the campaign. But the design is ultimately un-even with some gapping holes in the AI. It's still a great game, but looking back 15 years from now, what it contributed will be blended in with the clump of all the other me-too games that share the genre. Also, while I don't think Reach quite deserves it either. At it's least, it improves upon the Halo formula in every imaginable way and is a solid game through and through. There just isn't a whole lot there you haven't seen or felt before.

  14. LittleBigMidget says:

    My vote for GOTY is split between these three: Heavy Rain, God of War 3, or Read Dead. No other games deserve it more

  15. AshT says:

    I loved R2 and looking forward to R3

  16. frylock25 says:

    here is some more news. uncharted 2 is have 8 days of hanukkah or how ever that is spelled. the cash multiplier is going up by one every day. it is going til thursday where it will be times 8 cash. just a heads up to everyone.

  17. rossinator_99 says:

    Mazel Tov!

  18. Nickjcal says:

    The other resistance stories didn't really impress me. But R3's sounds really interesting. It'd be nice if they add some weight to the weapons and make the pace a bit slower. Just my opinion though. I'm getting tired of shooters like call of duty..well actually have been sick of em ha. Anyway if R3 made its game just a tiny bit like Killzone style it'd be my fav game ever.

  19. Lawless SXE says:

    ** Resistance story spoilers ahead **

    I actually like the way the Resistance story has been set out so far, with the constant attrition of the human race. And the slow explanation of the origins of the Chimera is great. I hope that they give us the final details here, as well as giving us insight into what destroyed them last time. I know that there hasn't been a lot of info released on the story for R3 yet, but I'm finding it quite underwhelming. They've found a cure, and Capelli needs it for his son. I'm sure that there will be more to it than that… but it's kind of meh.

    And Resistance isn't really all that fast-paced. I mean, you are almost always surrounded by Chimera, but then it gives you a bit of a break and you have to fight a Titan. Or, the bit in the first game with the trenches. I think it's quite close to perfect. But then, I haven't played any of them in a long time, so I may just be imagining things.

  20. Temjin001 says:

    Turn off ABS. Any good race driver does all the braking before entering the turn 😉

  21. TheHighlander says:

    The Top Gear tests are possibly the hardest ones in the game. They are probably the most technical race challenges that I've seen in the game – so far. The Lotus challenge is harder I think, than the Sambabus one.

    The key thing in the Sambabus event (other than turning off the driver aids) is to find a line that saves you time. You can overtake going into, and around Chicago. You can overtake under breaking on the entry into Hammerhead, and also if you can hold the inside line there you can take a place or two. Go flat our through the follow through, cut Bently as tightly as possible and do not follow the other vans or the guideline, then brake as late as you can into Bacharach, slide through there and brake late into Gambon, and you should have it. You can try drafting as you enter Wilson, and if you can take a place there it will help you.

    In the Lotus challenge at the Top Gear track, the game is even more sensitive to impacts on the other vehicles. It seems to be related to the relative speed. So if you are going significantly faster than the one you hit, it will disqualify you. My tips for this one are the same a the Sambabus, except you may need some of the traction control. But, the ABS is completely optional. With these cars and tires, you will not be breaking in a turn – if you do, you're off. I eventually managed to get silver in the Lotus event, and that was enough for me. I'm sure that there are better drivers than me around and so some others may have a tip or two.

    Last edited by TheHighlander on 12/5/2010 3:06:22 PM

  22. Ben Dutka PSXE says:

    "Middlemarch" and "Anna Karenina" are tied for my favorite books of all time.

    I loved Dorothy's character in Middlemarch.

  23. Lawless SXE says:

    That's good to know. I look forward to seeing how it'll pan out. I agree that Dorothea is a good character, but I'm finding it difficult to connect with her.

    On another note: The Gillard Government supports an R18+ rating for games! The attorney generals are supposed to meet on Friday for the actual decision on whether to allow for it to happen, but things are looking good. One step closer to games being accepted as an adult medium here in Australia. 😀

  24. Shams says:

    I'm with you on that, Sensei Temjin. I put over 40 hours in a couple playthroughs in ME2. As a game, it was rather light and quite glitchy. But the story, voice-acting, immersion were top-notch and kept me coming back. Not my personal GOTY. But it was definitely a memorable experience for 2010.

    Btw, I received Tekken 6 from Amazon this weekend from Amamzon. Only 10 bucks!

  25. Temjin001 says:

    Awesome, yeah, T6 for $10 is a great deal. A pretty easy one to platinum, too 😉 I think there's a co-op scenario mode now. I haven't really tried that yet.

  26. bloody_rootz says:

    ben i mean NOT been. haha whoops

  27. Alienange says:

    Your comments about Jaffe are spot on. The guy's in the entertainment industry. You have to expect the idiocy that comes from the haters. Getting all in a huff is just not classy.

    And what is this about Brotherhood?? I thought GT5 was the be all end all for car nuts.

  28. Akuma_ says:

    I don't know how my cars nuts would feel about that.

  29. Ben Dutka PSXE says:

    I'm not really a car "nut." Not to the level Arnold is, anyway. I like them and I know a little something about racing, but it's not the be-all, end-all for me.

  30. Danny007 says:

    Good luck on your Brotherhood goal, Ben. You must be crazy for trying to do that.

  31. Akuma_ says:

    It's not hard at all.

    Nothing about the game is hard, some things are just tedious.

    I recently got 100% in all Da Vinci's war machines, the tank is such a pain in the ass, but can be completed with practice.

    For the most part, the 100% sync conditions that I have come across so far (Total game sync 55%) aren't THAT hard, and there was always a clear cut way to do it.

    Im loving Brotherhood alot. Taking my time and doing alot of sidequests and im only up to sequence 5. Can't wait to finish the quests and get on with the main story.

  32. Ben Dutka PSXE says:

    It's a little tedious and that's what makes it longer…but the execution of some 100% synch goals, like the tank, is annoying.

    And later…I'm worried what I'll need to do…

  33. Ultimate_Balla says:

    Here's another Resistance fan!

    LOL Man, still on about Internet badasses? I don't see those around anymore… They real quiet on Social Networking websites.

    Yeah! That Top Gear Test track first race is unbearable! And it's like those cars were placed there to hold you back, when they're not first place they brake and hold you back if you're behind them.

  34. BikerSaint says:

    Hey Ben,
    Just got Alan Wake on your earlier recommendations.
    I'm in eposode2 so far, and man, oh man am I loving it. As for as it's immersion, innovation,and uniqueness, this game should have been the "Heavy Rain" of the 360.

    Anyway, my PGU….
    Along with Alan Wake, I also just picked up GTA:Eposodes from L.C, for my 360.

    For my PS3, I just picked up Avatar, AC2, Bioshock2, & Kane and Lynch 2 Dog Days, & Borderlands.

    For my PS2, I just picked up Tomb Raider: Anniversary, Jak 3, & YAY, I've finally found a complete & mint, used copy of..
    Plus, I'm picking up at least 4 to 6 more PS2 titles this coming Monday too

    Also just picked up for the GameBoy Advance… the Superpack Game of Spyro/Crash Bandicoot(the cartrige contains both, Spyro:Season of Ice, & also Crash:The Huge Adventure)

    I also picked up the Wii's Mad World brand new for $5, and for a console that I don't even own yet, LOL. But I "AM" planning on buying a used Wii, & one of the new 25 year red bundled ones too in a few weeks when my big check comes in(since I just survived the 250-employee lay-off massacre that happened this week).

    And I still need to pick up all of the Nintendo hand-helds, along with all those old Sega Hand-helds too.

    Damn, damn, damn, I just don't know where I'm going to fit in all this new extra gaming time I'll be seriously needing though.

    Last edited by BikerSaint on 12/5/2010 1:30:21 AM

  35. SolidFantasy says:

    That's crazy! I could never find the time to play all of that! Good luck!

    I'm still trying to complete all of the extra opps on Peace Walker and only then will I move onto Twisted Metal II for some nostalgia gaming.

  36. Ben Dutka PSXE says:

    Glad you're enjoying it. I try to tell everyone they should at least try Alan Wake. It totally sucks how poorly it sold.

    But even so, I hear they're working on a sequel, and I hope that turns more people onto the games.

  37. BikerSaint says:

    Heck, almost forgot,
    I just picked up a brand new still-wrapped copy of Twisted Metal Head ON: Extra Twisted Edition too (which includes four never-before played levels from Twisted Metal:Black) for only $5

  38. FxTales says:

    I accepcted early on that I wasn't going to get 100% in AC: Brotherhood. It's the 100% sync that did my head in. Great game all round though, personally loved the end. That's the third "oh my god" I've blurted out.

  39. bloody_rootz says:

    i will get my new t.v in 2 weeks time. i decided to get what i originally posted last week, the 50 inch samsung series 7000 plasma with 3d capability.

    as soon as it arrives i am going to buy AC brotherhood and do exactly what been is hoping to accomplish……GETTING 100% it was refreshing to hear your predictions of this will take a loooooooong time…….oooo how i cant wait for that day:)

  40. Ben Dutka PSXE says:

    If you're going for 100%, yeah, put aside a BIG chunk of time.

  41. bloody_rootz says:

    ben i mean NOT been. haha whoops

  42. ABUrabad says:

    TODAY one of the best days I have ever had since years :-
    1-I just have my copy of GT5 and wow wow wow and another wow the game is awesome there are tons tons of things to start with and i DONT KNOW WHERE TO BEGIN WITH , I didnt go deep into the game enough but I can see a real problem in shadow pixeling but still its a real thing to complain of, i thing no any other disc will inter my PS3 for a long time
    2- I was also accepted in a dental specialty program weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee at last

  43. Veritas Vincit says:


    The best way to get ahead on those two challenges is take the inside line on the first corner and power out taking it wide, enter the second corner on the left side passing a couple of buses and then go straight through, brake hard at the third corner taking the inside line power out taking it wide. You should be in 8 in the next stetch. If you can get to 6th place by the last corner before the start/finish line you should be in great shape to take first. This concept will also work for the next challenge with the Elise which is very tail happy.
    If you can not pass the Elise challenge turn skid recovery option on and that will make it easier.

  44. piratedrunk says:

    I had not played Assassins Creed at all until a little less than a week ago. I won a gift card and decided to pick up the first 2 games and I am hooked. I will definitely be picking up brotherhood this friday.

  45. PS4_Mom says:

    I was really stuck on the tank in Brotherhood, too. I ran around and did other things and came back to it the next day. Still couldn't do it. I was just trying to get through, not hung up on getting 100% synch. I know that is unrealistic for me. I finally had to go online and get a guide to cheat through it. Still had to kill a few people and try a few times but at least I got through it and could move on with the game.

  46. Ben Dutka PSXE says:

    I actually did it on my third try. It was the last battle against two other tanks that was the problem; the key is to never stop moving, so you can't get hung up on an obstacle somewhere. If you keep moving and shooting, they can't hit you.

    It's hard and I honestly didn't think I'd be able to do it, but I managed…..I really thought it would take me a zillion tries. And if THAT had happened, I would've passed on my 100% synch goal. LOL

  47. ValdiPS3 says:

    finished Bioshock 2, good game not memorable like the fist one, this week i will buy Castlevania LoS, Vanquish and GT5, i pretend buy a third one, it can be Assassins creed 2, Heavy rain or Elder scroll 4.

  48. TheHighlander says:

    PGU – Gran Turismo 5, and more Gran Turismo 5. In fact I was getting so frazzled on the touring event in Italy, I may take a short refreshing break and free some more of Empire City tonight.

    Valkyria Chronicles 2 is making me happy right now too. I love it. If you have a PSP, it deserves to play host to this game.

  49. Kokushi says:


    Finally beat Uncharted 2 and holy fk, easily with San Andreas my favorite game of all time if not top 3, perfect graphics, voice acting, sound, characters, going to get my 2nd platinum with this game.

    And the snow was jaw droping and so real, i spend like 5 to 7 minutes just walking around in the snow in the first level.

    UC3 is going to be a D1P.

    Last edited by Kokushi on 12/5/2010 5:48:34 PM

  50. Qubex says:

    What decision was that?



  51. BikerSaint says:


    Honestly, I don't play every title I buy.
    But since I'm a gaming collector, I need every title out there(even the one's I'd never play).

    But I do try to find the time somehow to play all the one's I DO like, and I DO sample even the genre's I don't normally like too, just on the off-chance I'll wind up liking those too.

    But my backlog of "Must play" games is seriously growing out of control, so I better still be alive at the ripe ole age of 117 if I ever expect to catch up even 1/2 way.

    And I've just put my serious gaming on hold for 30 day as I just got Netflic's free trial offer & I've already wound up putting 307 movies that I want to watch into my "instant Queue, so I better get cracking on that…..

  52. BikerSaint says:

    Oh man, I hope you're right about an Alan Wake Sequel, and I hope it turns into a long-selling franchise.

    And if so, I hope an Alan Wake collection will come to the PS3 someday too, just so everyone that's 360-less can also experience it.

    Last edited by BikerSaint on 12/6/2010 12:31:08 AM

  53. JoshBall says:

    From a lot of my friends I've had pretty mixed reviews about AC: Brotherhood, they all say it's good, but nothing much different from AC2. I'm currently playing AC2 and think it's great, but i'm not overly hooked on it like infamous or uncharted

  54. SirLoin of Beef says:

    PGU: Got my GT5 CE this week and have been messing around with. I'm not a huge driving game fan but decided to get it anyway. I like what I see so far.

    Tomorrow Cataclysm for World of Warcraft comes out so that'll be where most of my gaming will be for a while. My raid finally downed ol' Arthas last night, too. Was good to see that turkey expire. Yeah, not that big of a deal nowadays but our raid runs only a few hours per week and is comprised mostly of alts so we're nowhere near a "hardcore" raid.

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