You may or may not have noticed that we haven't posted here for awhile and there's a good reason for it. The website is updating to a newer, better platform as part of Tyler's goal to bring this website back to its former glory. The thing is, it's going to take awhile. There is almost 20 years worth of content on this site, so the move is a pretty big undertaking. The good news is that once it is finished and we iron out some inevitable kinks, PSX Extreme should be ready to move forward. And we have some ideas for the future of the website. Stay tuned.

For the time being you may not see posts here on the website for awhile. But you can follow along on Facebook as we'll still be updating there. We'll be back to posting as soon as we can. I for one, am looking forward to it!

See you soon!

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  1. slow and smart says:

    Thanks for the info…Nice that the site will get a new platform,sounds like a looooooot of work,understandable that it will take some time.
    Don't care about Facebook,i just wait patiently.

    PGU:i have finished Wolfenstein and the dlc from Horizon zero Dawn[frozen wilds],now i have only the dlc for Wolfenstein[normally i don't buy dlc very often,but i liked these 2 games so much i just wanted more].

    Now i'll wait for some new great games that i'll like,i guess from march on ps4 will diliver me 'my' games,dlc from Wolfenstein will pull me through for the most part.Oh well,i have a ps3 with enough games so i won't get bored.

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  2. slow and smart says:

    And Happy Holidays and a healthy 2018!

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  3. TrueAssassin86x says:

    Hey All Just a shout out. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Heres to 2018.

    PGU: I know this is a PlayStation site but i just picked up a Nintendo Switch for Christmas now my backlog of games grow even more. Though i have the perfect two games to Start with. Mario Odyssey and Zelda: Breath Of The Wild. Sooo many games so little time.

  4. HANZ64 says:

    Happy new year everybody!

  5. Beamboom says:

    Happy new year guys!

  6. slow and smart says:

    Good news:on capcom's site there is a image of revelations 1 and 2 and res.evil 7 and next to it[left] is a dark space with only the word biohazard[resident evil]….looks like a"message"for another Resident Evil game that will be released "soon".
    My guess Resident evil 2 remake,21 of jan 2018 is the 20th anniversary .Here's hoping that they didn't make it an action game[IF it is Res Evil 2 remake]….

    After this i want 1 remake ;Legacy of Kain!

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  7. slow and smart says:

    it's on official Japanese Biohazard Twitter page

  8. Clamedeus says:

    Man.. I would love a Resident Evil 2 Remake, I played that game so many times I had every thing memorized.

  9. Rogueagent01 says:

    I would love a Legacy of Kain remake, that game was great!

  10. slow and smart says:

    I really liked the remake of resident Evil 1 A LOT!,till today its my favorite RE game,i just hope they make this remake of RE2 also with fixed camera view,it makes the horror atmosphere so much stronger,i don't like at all for example over the shoulder view,it takes away a lot of the creepy feeling that RE made so great imo[and for me the over the shoulder view is way to close at your character,it annoys me lol]…w'll see later how they made it.

    Also,God Of War releases on april 20.
    When will Days Gone be released?

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