Editorial: How About a Playstation Switch

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2 Responses

  1. eric0113 says:

    I love the Vita, I bought it the day it released. The games were great the first years, but it slowly died down to where even Gravity Rush 2 was only made on the PS4. And I really like using the second monitor screen of the Vita so when I'm too lazy to turn on all the equipment, I can just play the PS4 on my Vita.

    But sadly like with the PSP the support slowly left until how it is now, where it just gets mentioned but nothing really happens with it now. Heck, stores don't even have the accessories anymore. I lost my USB cable and looked everywhere for one at the stores but at the end had to wait on Amazon to bring me one. Actually I think GameStop had a 3rd party cable, but I don't like them. If it was an original cable I would have gone for it.

    Would I like a new portable? Sure. But with their track record, they'll support it a year or two then stop. And that just makes me feel like I bought it for no reason. Granted I would still get it since it's PlayStation. Not sure about it working like the Switch, since it is a home console. It would take away from the PS4 since both would be home consoles but one with portability function. Why would you get a PS4 if the PS Switch did the same thing BUT had the option of taking it anywhere? Or if they made it less powerful (lower graphics, lower the game count) why get the PS Switch that cost the same but isn't as powerful, has a massive library and won't be supported after awhile.

  2. Masszt3r says:

    I doubt it considering their track record with handhelds.

    Nintendo has had a lot of success with them, but they have Pokemon. Even with Japan's popularity with handhelds I don't see them doing it, at least not in a while.

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