Ben’s Week In Review: May 11

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  1. WorldEndsWithMe says:

    I think all the new crap that makes ownership confusing only helps the money makers and does little or nothing for the gamers.

    Destiny should be fine due to said microtransactions.

    I much prefered Cole's stickiness as well, that's what I was trying to tell people back in the day. If you remove that then you become a floater. The reason I have trouble getting anywhere is that there are just so FEW powers to play with. I don't understand, we had so many with Cole but Delsin has like 3 per conduit set and he can only have one conduit set working at once. There's no mayhem, no destruction, no fun. I don't know how I'll ever finish it or if I can.

    After reviewing Child of Light I'm just done, that game feels like a corporate imitation of an indie game.

    So I'm really enjoying Bound By Flame right now, it is a BBB production that is hard (but not Demon's Souls hard) and strangely addicting. It's the perfect RPG snack to get ready for Dragon Age.

  2. frostface says:

    You should join Dillon and I on our discussion about Bound by Flame in the forums. Look for the thread called Bound by Blood lol

  3. WorldEndsWithMe says:


  4. Teddie9 says:

    Having to jump out of battle to switch between conduit types is a very odd design choice. I haven't played it but it must totally kill the flow if you would like to switch during battle. Baffling really, since it goes against the series fast paced accessible mayhem.

  5. WorldEndsWithMe says:

    you also have to tap the touchpad to get out of water with a cut to black scene. Delsin can't frickin swim.

  6. PlatformGamerNZ says:

    nice to hear ben and yeah i had the same thinking about activision and destiny and i might just give trial a go some time as for 'child of light' maybe another time i have gone back to very little game time so i have to just concentrate on one game and atm that is just cause 2 great game btw recommend it to anyone who's willing ot give it a go. and i will have to try uncharted some time since i own the lot note to self uncharted

    as for ownership back with the 1st 2 playstations and PC back then too the ownership system was simple and now it is too overly complicated you're right and we should try to go back to simplicity if its possible

    happy gaming =)

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  7. Lawless SXE says:

    Agree on the digital thing. Like, why can't I just get a whole game on day one and be able to play it at my own pace?

    Disagree on Destiny. There's no way that the first entry is selling 15 million copies; I don't care how much money Activision is pumping into advertising. It's getting a lot of positive buzz, but then, so did Titanfall and it has only 2.5 million copies sold across its three platforms. I really don't think that they're going to be able to recoup their losses from this first release, but they're building a franchise, so maybe the second or third game, in five or six years' time will be able to pull down that figure. Doubt it though. I can only hope that the lustre of FPS games has worn off for the majority by that point.

    Personal Update:
    Haven't played anything this week. At all. Been preoccupied with assignments, procrastination, Angel Beats and a little bit of writing thrown in for good measure.

  8. WorldEndsWithMe says:

    Angel Beats! god i keep forgetting to start that

  9. Lawless SXE says:

    Didn't know what to expect from it. A bit trippy in its conceptualisation, but a good show nonetheless. I thought the ending was a bit weak, sadly.

  10. Teddie9 says:

    For Destiny to get those numbers it will have to do everything right. Most importantly to have Halo fans truly believe that this is the new Halo.

    I hope that half-billion already includes advertising :p.

    Down to what I believe to be 4 more bosses in The Answer portion of Persona 3 FES.

    I started playing the first Infamous again. Still alot of fun but it's surprising how much of the destruction was fairly tame in that game.

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  11. Kryten1029a says:

    You pretty much summed up my objections to digital media. The question of whether or not I have any rights to downloadable content is what's really holding me back from embracing it. I can see the convenience factor, but the law hasn't caught up to the technology and with the amount of money that the content producers can bring to bear for lobbying, the result isn't likely to favor consumers. It's not just games of course. If you download Moby Dick (public domain) for your Kindle then you can't jailbreak it to another device and your iTunes library dies with you.

  12. Killa Tequilla says:

    My friend was banned from psn because of an "error" or so he said…. All his thousands worth of games are gone. Cannot be downloaded again.

  13. Underdog15 says:

    Here's a shout out for all the momma gamers:

    Happy mother's day!

  14. SirLoin of Beef says:

    I've been having some fun with Bound by Flame as well. Some of the dialog is downright hilarious and the acting can be terrible but, all in all, I think it's a fun game.

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