Ben’s Week In Review: May 4

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  1. WorldEndsWithMe says:

    Gonna play Child of Light tomorrow, I hope I do connect with it.

    Right now I'm checking out The Walking Dead and I gotta say Where In The Hell Are The Other People Who Can Write Video Game Stories Like This? It's as good or better than the TV show and ten thousand times better than the bulk of video game stories we get on a regular basis. By comparison to huge budget AAA games it is stupefyingly amazing, but in the regular swing of things this is where every game should be by now. Even when putting out material that is fantastical or in-credible you want this kind of storytelling behind it to back it up. I'm also trying to cap off Lightning Returns and it's really like a group of 12 year olds wrote it. Writing great characters and stories like that shouldn't even be that hard, it's time to stop letting the code guys write the scripts (looking at you Sucker Punch).

    Also, bought ZoE HD. Hope that's good but no time to play it now.

  2. Temjin001 says:

    ZOE2 is awesome. I wish I got around to playing more of it.
    EDIT: and now my PS3 doesn't play games so I'm hosed.

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  3. Temjin001 says:

    I remember Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter was one of the early 1st year popular games on 360.
    Ben, perhaps the typos happen because of the closeness in title to those older GRAW games.

    I like the new trailer for CoD. The graphics look much improved and it seems like the sorta experience I'd expect from the next-gen. On this hype, I tried the CoD GHosts multiplayer demo this weekend and just couldn't get into it. I suppose if I could feel the competitive drive to this brand of game I'd enjoy myself more. But I don't.
    Child of Light looks good. I'll probably get to it at some point.

    PGU: Been playing ACIV Black Flag and a bit of Injustice. ACIV seems to be earning it's rep with me. I was really pleased by how fun it was to go to sea and board another ship and take it's spoils. I'm hoping the game economy keeps itself as something solid later in the game. I feel the AC games have always struggled at balancing this stuff. Not that I really come to an AC game experience for it but I like feeling that the components that define it's playing experience are properly balanced and logically implemented from beginning to end.

  4. Banky A says:


    Congrats if it's ZOE2! ZOE2 is one of the best games I've played. I'm hoping you meant the HD Collection. The first isn't as good as the second which is damn near perfect for a PS2 mech-anime game.

    Can't wait till I get time to go through 2 again and finish ZOE1 for the first time.

  5. WorldEndsWithMe says:

    Yup it's the HD collection, and I have no clue whatsoever what to expect cuz I never heard of them last gen.

  6. Ben Dutka PSXE says:

    "Ben, perhaps the typos happen because of the closeness in title to those older GRAW games."

    Well, duh. I just didn't know if anyone else was making that connection. 🙂

  7. Temjin001 says:

    my first thought was something Star Wars Warfighter. But then I remembered that was just Star Wars Starfighter. Then the epiphany came. GRAW =)

  8. Akuma_ says:

    Surprisingly I wasn't making that connection till you mentioned it Ben. Maybe because I am writing COD:AW everywhere instead of the actual name.

  9. Corvo says:

    Project Beast.
    Miyazaki's new game. Can't wait to see more of it at E3. PS4 exclusive makes it all the better of course.

    Mikami's The Evil Within is going to be incredible. Love reading peoples negative remarks about it and how much better Dead Space is than it.

    Started The Last of Us Survivor+. Love having some challenge in a game that doesn't involve me falling off ledges.

  10. WorldEndsWithMe says:

    Dead Space is an action adventure now, that's nuts. Evil within is day 1 for moi.

  11. WorldEndsWithMe says:

    As long as Project Beast plays nothing like Demon's Souls then I'm in.

  12. Solid Fantasy says:

    Admittedly the new COD trailer does look interesting. When does a trailer not? But it's not hard to believe that the best COD of the new gen is going to be one of the first two released. The ones before the industry as a whole surpasses them. Unlikely that I'll pick it up, but who knows.

    Can't wait for the new Wolfenstein reviews to role in. If there good I'll go for it at some point this summer.
    And Child of Light can be in that mix to. Wonder if that will hit the Plus deal at some point.

    PGU: Restarted Shadow Fall. It's still harder than KZ3 but once you have a better feel for the right analog stick it's not so bad. Unit 13 is not getting easier. That's for sure. I'm hell bent on completing all of the missions before DLing Limbo.

  13. PlatformGamerNZ says:

    i have to say i'm not surprised that COD got the reaaction it did but the best news of the week so far was] Unreal Tournament 4 that wud be sick not to meation that time splitters rewind is supposed to comin out games that i love as a kid and young teen and stuff this wud be great

    happy gaming =)

  14. Anonymous says:

    I like Kevin Spacey but I'm not sure how much he can add to a CoD game. It doesn't seem like he will be on the frontlines where the majority of the games will take place, so we will see him in monologues mostly. CoD has had some great antagonists so he will have to have a little bit more going for him thqn just being Spacey.

    Right now I'm going through JoJo's Bizarre Adventure All Star Battle. Bare bones for the story mode but this is a fairly obscure manga so I'm sure the budget wasnt massive. Still, it's a very fun fighter. Also, started Child of Light. I like everything except the hokey dialogue which is hokey only for the sake of rhyming.

  15. SayWord says:

    The most interesting news to me this week was the leak of project beast. The original collaboration of from software and japan studio brought us the soul craze and it looks like they are giving us a new one! Demon souls 2! (probably wont be called demon souls 2)

  16. WorldEndsWithMe says:

    I hope it's more user friendly.

  17. xenris says:

    I'm stoked about this, and I pray that it is real! Looks amazing.

  18. Aerifale says:

    When I first watched the Advanced Warfare trailer it got me pretty pumped. Then I re-watched it and realised I had been disillusioned by the Michael Bay effect. Try again COD.

    Oh we have those kind of politicians over here as well Ben. There called "career politicians". All about the salary. That being said we also have terrorists in our government (Sinn Fein) so yeah it could be worse for you Americans 😛

    PGU: OMG Assignment is finished, presentation is…uhh.. presented, and my free time outside of work is finally that again, FREE TIME. So this morning I got up played 5 straight hours of Child of Light (loving it) and now I'm going to enjoy a bottle of Yellow Tail. Oh and thanks for the words of encouragement World, it did actually help.

    And yes I'm still excited for Watchdogs, never mind mind Grandmaster's little hissy fit. No hard feelings buddy 😉


  19. BikerSaint says:

    With Sledgehammer now taking the reins on this newest COD, I think that they will give it a new fresh breath of life, especially with it being all about the privatized military corporations(like real-life "Blackwater PMC" group who some of their members were accused of killing a bunch of middle eastern civilians during one of their high profile escort missions while speeding him down the streets).

    Also, IMO Kevin Spacey IS the man & his presence alone should most certainly should've caused Sledgehammer to step up their AAA game.
    My only hope is that he has a gargantuan role in this game.

    As for 99 & 9/10ths % of most of the politicians we have these days, what can you expect, almost all of them are only self-righteous buffoons getting high on their own pre-conceived powers, only out for what they can get out of it, & trying to force their own self-serving agendas on everyone else. So why should this power-wench not try her damnedest to also further muddy the real causes of mental illness making these serial killers.

    The only real chance of getting it through their concrete-hardened thick skulls is to try & vote their a$$es right back out of office.

    My PGU….
    Since I'm still in deep, deep, down sinking quickly in $hits Creek financially without an lifejacket, I'm trying to quickly whittle down my backlog of the games that I still wanted to play on my 360 before I'll most probably have to sell off my whole collection of my MW2-theme-skinned 360 Elite(w/the best Jasper-chip-set), along with 127 games, plus tons & tons of accessories. Plus almost off of my other gaming collections will also have to be going for sale too, including all of my retro consoles, handhelds, games & their many accessory's, along with all the PS3 games I've already played too.

    Anyways, as far as my PGU, I just finished …
    Halo Reach
    Gears of War: Judgment
    Fear Files(stand-alone expansion pack = 2 games – Extraction Point & Perseus Mandate)
    And, since I already picked up Metro: Last Light free from my PS+, I just had to finish the 360's original Metro 2033 first.

    I still have some more in my 360 backlog to get to, but I'm now playing Metro: Last Light on my PS3 so I can get up to date with that franchise.

  20. Aerifale says:

    Hey I'm sorry to hear about your financial situation. Just know you have a community here that cares about you…

  21. BikerSaint says:

    Thanks Aerifale,
    Your thoughts are much appreciated!

  22. BikerSaint says:

    Just finished up on both, Metro: 2033(Xbox 360), & Metro: Last Light(PS3).

    Man-o-man, what a hell of a great ride they were, and I have to say that due to their great emotionally rewarding scripts, these 2 games have now been added onto the top games in my collections from the PS3/360 generation.

    I'd even go as far as stating my opinion that both Dimitry Glukhovsky(who wrote the novel) is a literary genius in my eyes.

    And that 4A Games(who took the gutsy & daring decision to take the chance on "Metro" as a new game IP)is a "godsend" to gaming.

    Anyways, if you haven't had the pleasure of playing either of these 2 Metro" games, you owe it to yourself IMO to do so if you can, as I'm sure you won't regret having played the both of them.

    So here's to the "Metro" franchise, may you live long and prosper……
    (Oh wait, that's a different franchise, LOL)

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  23. xenris says:

    Still haven't played Last Light plan on getting it on a steam sale, but I LOVED 2033 one of my favourite SP shooters ever.

  24. xenris says:

    I think we are starting to see the fatigue of CoD to be honest. The fans who like it are always going to play it, but I think its going to start getting more normal sales figures, especially now considering how good the competition is. I'm not buying another CoD game until it goes back to its MW1 roots, or changes up the formula drastically, neither of which I see happening anytime soon.

    Politicians are very ignorant on this subject I don't understand how some of them can even make the comments they do but it is ridiculous. They need to educate themselves end of story. Violence existed before videogames, and taxing violent videogames isn't the solution. Maybe just educate the parents more, and make EB require you to show an ID or something. Its a band aid fix but much better than an arbitrary sales tax.

    I'm excited for a new UT game. This was one of the first games I started playing competitively online and I have always had a soft spot for the franchise. Its been over 6 years since UT3 its time for another one 🙂


    Still playing Dark Souls 2 and farming before I start new game plus even though I have been able to start it for a good while now. Really enjoyed the game but it didn't feel as Solid and coherent as Dark Souls 1 even though I think I had more "fun" playing it…if that makes sense. Basically PVE and lore in DS1, PVP and Combat mechanics of DS2.

    I'm super excited for this rumored Project Beast, that is supposedly being made by the Original Demon and Dark souls Director and team.

    Other than that trying to 100% Infamous Second Son, which I'm about 95% complete, and I'm still playing Earth Defense Force 2025 and Playstation Allstars now and again. Both of which are a blast with friends.

  25. Akuma_ says:

    I enjoy COD. The whole "yearly releases" no longer bothers me. I sort of see it as the next chapter in a story, rather than the next book in the series, and I can afford to play them so why shouldn't I enjoy them? Especially when the gameplay is solid.

    Also, I really like the direction that COD:AW is going so far. For now I am pretty pumped, and unless a gameplay video kills that hype, I am 99.9% sure I will buy and love it.

    In the end, ANYTHING is better than Ghosts.

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  26. homura says:

    I'm now at the very end of the 2nd generation in Record Of Agarest War 2. The story is just awesome. Just cleaning up some stats for the start of the 3rd. And all of the 18 party members will soon be complete in the 3rd gen. I'm excited. This is an awesome JRPG.

  27. BikerSaint says:


    Damn, it's a shame that you didn't get to scoop it up when it was offered as one of the free PS Plus games a few months ago.(that's the only way I was able to get it, as broke-a$$ as I've been for the last year).

  28. Beamboom says:

    Fully agree, that is one underappreciated franchise. Even I, being the ugly anti-linear-troll that I am, will easily put this franchise up on my top ten list.
    These games have *soul*.

    Last edited by Beamboom on 5/5/2014 3:10:26 AM

  29. xenris says:

    Don't worry Biker I will pick it up, just waiting for the right time 🙂

    Sorry about your financial situation, if I had a means I would get you out of the hole you are in but for right now I'm just getting by :
    Hope everything works out for you someday 🙂

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