Author: John-Nakhoul

Art of the Splitscreen 5

Art of the Splitscreen

Only two generations ago consoles were fitted with multiple controller slots. That the system would be furnished with multiplayer games was therefore an unchallenged expectation. And yet here we are, 2016, almost starved for...

The Beautiful Game 1

The Beautiful Game

Frank Sinatra. If only he could be resurrected to witness the sleek, theatrical acrobatics of one Umbran Witch as she effortlessly slays waves of angels to the tune of his classic. Fly Me to...

What Happened to the Magic? 11

What Happened to the Magic?

That magic of videogames: many a gamer it has touched. Mostly during childhood though — these days, as burgeoning adults with high aspirations, powering through those marshes of social fabric to the beat of various...